willie’s Tangerine 1975 XS Chopper


A little more rake and stretch than stock.

I was browsing ebay looking for a few spare parts and was blown away when I spotted this sick XS. It belongs to Willie out of IA. I asked him to send in some pictures and give us some words on his ride.

Willie – This bike has been my daily ride for almost 2 years now.   Started with a stock frame and a 1972 engine that I built from 3 motors. I cut the frame with no mercy  leaving only the engine mounts and a partial backbone.  I bentup up a goosneck that looked right with a little more rake and stretch than stock.  I uses a 1″ harley type neck that allowed me to run the lowered and shaved mid 70’s narrowglide. 21 mini brake wheel for ultimate stopping power….. on an incline.  The rear section is only a few inches longer than stock and  handles well. XS 18″ rear wheel  Everything was molded after final welding.  The tank is an old G.M.E. The fender is a ribbed ford style.  Frame paint is single stage PPG.

The tins are H.O.K. Tangerine with some maroon stripes. Narrow z bars with offset risers, and other custom stuff. Old Aris headlight.  This bike recently carried me from Miami to Iowa on a 3 day trip with its original engine.

The 1972 motor was finally getting tired , so it was replaced with a low mileage 1978 motor.  It is all tuned up and running great, ready for some more long miles.
Excellent compression, no smoke, oil leaks, runs real strong. It also just got its 4th new rear tire. I’m selling it only to fund a new project. This bike was built to be ridden. A reliable, good looking, and fast foundation for getting in motion……..

Thanks -willie


  1. Teebs says:

    I’m almost speechless… almost.

    It doesn’t hurt that this is the color I’m going with and one I’ve always been partial to, but I don’t really need to say much here.

    Simple and clean, but with obvious time taken and consideration paid to the overall form and flow. One thing in particular I noted is the offset bars lining up with the neck and closing up some of the empty space between the bars and tank, creating a nice transition there.

    Beautiful scoot, Willie. I hope the bidding goes well.

  2. andy carter says:

    that head light is sooooooo rad!

  3. Hesh says:

    I have been eye balling this machine everyday on ebay! Someone is going to be stoked on this bike real soon!
    Building another one Willie?

  4. jimster says:

    Hey willie. Do you live in the dubuque area? I think I saw this machine in action? Really, really sweet bike.

  5. dannyb says:

    Favorite xs chop hands down. This bike is fantastic.

  6. willie says:

    Thanks Fellas.. Much Appreciated..

  7. Dane says:

    I like the gooseneck frame, and that you used a 1″ neckstem. Nice looking bike

  8. Brian says:

    How much did it go for ebay? One of my new favorites!!

  9. Chris says:

    Love the bike. Working on one right now and have an extra complete bike to do another. I was just wondering how you did the exhaust? I would love to do something different but know nothing about making exhaust like what will work right without messing up performance of the bike.

  10. Blackwidow says:

    Nice bike

  11. Motor says:

    stellar style on the frame! love the slightly arched top bar, and the goose job. love the exhaust set-up too.

  12. sean from boston says:

    Sick looking bike so great I love the goose neck

  13. norm younger says:

    Great frame.

  14. RJ from the ole school says:

    I have breezed thru 140 pages on this site and I have to say that this bike just stands out,,,,maybe the color or the great frame work,,,can’t decide,,,,Willie , you have put together one fine lookin scoot,,,and I like the fact that you built it to ride ,,,,not just to trailer to and from some dazzel show ,,,,you do 650 right