It’s my 3rd one and i’ll never stop!

Write about your XS650.: I have about 30 hours in this thing. It’s my 3rd one and i’ll never stop!
It’s a 77′ with a 2″under DNA springer,apes,ganuine hurst shifter stem and handle,the wheels are off an 05  H.D.Fatboy,sportster tank,the genuine brass fire extinguisher from an air force airplane tug(1972)and houses all the electrical crap,the foot controls are 100%hand made from junk layin’around(mongoose BMX pegs),rear fender is the front fender from my 00’Fatboy(got wrecked).The “paint”is white primer and the STP stickers are vintage.(e-bay)noid-white_biketruck_ect_013_small

I finished this bike just in time to get on it and haul ass to the car/bike show put on by our local “Rat Rod”car club called the”No Ones”.I won 1st place for best bike from a field of 25 other ones.And the primer was still wet.

xs650 Bandana
xs650 long sleeve
xs650 tanktop
xs650 mug