Run for Your Life build off winner


Write about your XS650.: Dano built this insanely sano XS 650 for the R4YL build off. The bike started it’s new life as the shell you see here. A 78 xs650 that was owned by a friend of his family who passed away a few years ago. He rode on the back of it when he was about 11 years old, Dano says “we’ll just say 25+ years ago”.


This bike has a ton of cool tricks and is a fresh new take on what is getting to be a boring bike, no sporty tank, no flat fender, no stock front hoop with a weld on, just a different approach to building an XS that makes it rank high on the cool scale.


Stare at the photos for a minute & you’ll see lots of one off parts on there. This bike was started on May 3o & won the build off on Aug 1st….. Dano is one of the coolest guys I’ve met in a while & is a hella dirt tracker as well. Congrats Dano, job well done sir.

You can see more of the bike here


  1. Matt says:

    AWESOME bike. I lurk and hang around at quite a bit. That’s where I first saw the build. Lot of cool guys and lot of knowledge over there.

  2. Dane says:

    Loking at the before and after on this bike is awesome. Definitely turned out good

  3. Teebs says:

    Not too much to say here… well, plenty to say really but not much need. The bike definitely speaks for itself.

    Love the shape of the single downtube on the frame. A tank that looks like a breadbox in the best possible way; nice form, contributes to the overall flow, and most importantly, holds a decent quantity of fuel.

    Again, attention to detail is key. The little things can really make a bike stand out.

    Sick, sick, sick.

  4. EJ says:

    How did you set up your mid controls with the rear disk?

  5. scheffers says:

    GREAT lot’s of Idea’s which i alsow got on my bike! i love it!

  6. Juan Carlos says:

    Hey guys, I sent the bike in on behalf of Dano, I know he’ll appreciate the responses. I’ll see if I can get some info in the mids.


  7. toe. says:

    i would love to know how you set up your mids. looks like there is some short tubing welded up to the frame but its not terribly clear.

  8. DANO says:

    Thanks for the compliments , as for the mids,I used the stock master cylider ,and after I built the hardtail section I made a stand off out of tubing and a sleeve for the stock brake pedal. The pegs and mounts I made are bolted at the stock exhaust mount holes, and that puts the pegs at a stock mid control position .

  9. robert robinson says:

    i have this bike now and would like more info on the bike and the man who built it, anyone that can help i would appreciate thanks