orange crush


This was my first build, it’s a 1980 XS 650. I got the bike from my friends father in law for free so I figured if I cut it up and did not get it back together I wouldn’t be out much. Everything on this bike was fabricated or reworked by me, with a build time of about 1 year. I added 6 inches to the swing arm to give it a longer stance. noid-dsc01305

The tank is the original one that I sectioned the back and pulled it together and the front I sectioned and folded it down to make it a little shorter. The forward controls I made on my metal lathe. I fabricated the seat pan and I had a local upholstery shop cover it in vinyl for me.



I changed the rake and added 4 inch over legs on the front. The paint was done by a friend and I masked out the flames. This is a very fun bike to ride as you can see from the picture my kids love to ride the little chopper.

Mike Schwans


  1. BillyBobba says:

    Nice job, polish the donk ( motor ) it will set it off a bit more, cheers.

  2. Little Johnny says:

    God that bike looks so sweet. the guy that made that must be tuff as nails. you should build more and post it on this website tuff guy

  3. skeeter says:

    Wow that guy on that bike looks like a body builder. Sweet bike man