No time, No money, No problem


Plans are to Ride to the Living Hell Out of It

The bike is a 1977 XS650 I bought after realizing my involvement in the car scene was getting a little rich for my blood. Found the bike on craigs as a late 70’s bondo machine with a way-out front end and no motor. Was just a roller and not pretty to boot…perfect!  Started stripping the bondo off while looking for a motor and front end and ended up finding the numbers matching motor laying in someones shed covered in weed wacker parts, stuffed it in while the wife and kids were sleepin… Actually everything was more or less done when the wife and kids were sleeping come to think of it….patterned and sprayed the tank, made the sissy bar, taillight, lowered and polished the front end, made the batt box, modded the seat/fender to fit, wiring etc etc…..all in the ghetto garage with mostly primitive tools….been a long time coming but i’ve been riding the hell out of it and its been worth the wait…quick as sh!t and loud as all hell….f*ck cages


Front end I scored off a friend. Its a late 70s Yamaha dirtbike setup I shortened and polished with the factory 21″ and mini drum brake. Rear wheel is a 16″ off of a Honda CB550 that needed a solid night of scotchbrite and a set of new shoes.


I got lazy and used the stock front fender for the rear and am fairly pleased at how it turned out. Should make it nice and easy if I ever decide to change the look of the bike i.e tins, grips etc. I bent the sissy bar out of some 3/8 stock I got at the local orange box and fabbed on some cool looking turnbuckles I found.


Tail light is a glass doorknob out of an old beach house I scored off my brother that we candied red and stuffed full of 5mm LED’S.


Headlight is your run of the mill Bates. Bars I found at a local MX scrapper and fit the bike pretty well in my opinion. Was shooting for late 60’s bellflower custom and I think they help. Nothing outrageous just clean lines.


Candy died some Redline BMX grips to go with the HD kick pedal I scored off that auction site. Tank was a solid week of evenings in the garage with plenty of cigarettes and Zeppelin. Used the helmet as a tester and just went for some tripped out asymetrical 70’s madness type shit.


Came out of pocket for good tape but the cans were cheapies. Pretty stoked on how it turned out but might give it another go when I get a compressor.



Haven’t done much to the motor aside from fluid / filter changes, new plugs and adjustment of the valve clearances. It more or less went from a shitkicked shed to getting kicked over hahaha.



Overall I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Starts first kick and goes like hell. It took me a solid year of nights to build (wife / two kids) and was all done in my halfass garage with not much resembling “proper” tools.


Plans are to ride to the living hell out of it while I look for a Digger project.



Thanks Glaus Haug


  1. Paul says:

    Sick…. Love the blue on blue line structure in the tank. What tank did you use?
    Not usually a fan of the kickup exhaust, but it works for this bike.

    Nice build!

  2. Hesh says:

    Hands down one of the coolest I have seen! Great paint and great lines! Glad you got sick of the car scene, I think you found a good niche brother. Can’t wait to see the digger.

  3. Binky says:

    That is a nice paint job, am I reading this right, did you paint it with spraypaint, if so that is awesome.

  4. Binky says:

    Also I have a rebel 250 sitting in my garage, would I be able to use the rear wheel on my bike like yours? I currently have mags now.

  5. RevCain says:

    the stance on this bike is just awesome. love the detail work.

  6. Billy says:

    Love the paint man! I am also curious if that is correct about you just using paint cans? Bike turned out great.

  7. Teebs says:

    I can’t remember what site I originally saw this tank on, but it is the sweetest RATTLE CAN paint job ever. Maybe just the sweetest paint job ever. 650rider, I think.

    This chop rocks! Simple and clean. And you know I love a build that is done in the garage by the guy that plans on riding it.

    Love the seat! Glad to see someone that doesn’t feel the need to ride on a steel plate.


  8. Big L says:

    hey i bought my spoke wheels off this guy.
    yes he did it with a spray cans and it came out amazing.
    came out beautiful man…

  9. Cool colors, bitchie bike, above all; great grips.

  10. Ted says:

    I love the paint on this so much. Its so sick.. I’ve been thinking about color schemes for my ride. One thing I know for sure, there will be a ton of metal flake..

  11. Tebo says:

    …Just goes to show you don’t need a zillion dollar shop or the most high tech tools and paint equipment. Just talent. And you’ve got it! And the persaverence to see the project through. I’m in the same boat bro’ (wife, two kids, house, pets, busy, busy, etc.) and I’ve got a ’75 basketcase I hope to have running by the end of summer and rolling next year. You built a fantastic bike, dude, something to be proud of. Now ride it ’til the wheels fall off. Then get new wheels and ride it ’til they fall off…

  12. josh says:

    jesus! that turned out nice man! saw a little of it on 650rider. beautiful!!!

  13. neoman says:

    Holly Crap! More info on paint prep and tape masking.
    complete and utter sickness on that tank bro!


  14. Matty says:

    For Sale Already?

    Otherwise its a scam…

  15. blackwidow says:

    Looks good bro glad your enjoying it

  16. andy carter says:

    that thing is sick man, i dig the tail light clever! hit some jumps for me.

  17. nice looking chop. the paint, the bars, the front wheel….

    eh, you get the point. job well done.

  18. Dan says:

    Ted, you are an ARTIST! You should show this bike and hence, showcase your amazing artistic and design abilities. If it suited you, you would soon be one of the world’s leading custom bike painters. Air compressors would come easy!

    It is not just that the rattle can job looks great. Your design ideas and color selection simply cannot be duplicated – even by experienced artists. This laiśsez-fairé-Zeppelin and cigarettes-asymmetrical style might be the next fad in custom paint. There will be imitations, but you are the source.

    “give us your technique”….”is it for sale?” pffft!
    How about – “do you do tattoos?”

  19. Emery says:

    My favorite bike hands down… alot of guys have some sweet bikes on here, but if I could ride any of them, this would be it. From the paint, to the pipes, its perfect. Nice build bro.

  20. lil bastard says:

    Traditioal as hell cool dude! Dig it!

  21. norm younger says:

    Great color on the tank.

  22. Halo donkey says:

    Does anybody know what rear tyre this is??? Have been searching for a little while but cannot find who makes it for the life of me!
    Please help, halo donkey.