Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Red Right Hand

Ladies and gentlemen the epic Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds!!

Yes, I listen to more than just Doom Metal.  I love music as much as I love motorcycles…  I have a pretty eclectic music taste and will be posting the occasional tune for your enjoyment.  This girl I dated once said if you don’t like music you probably don’t have a soul… What are you listening to right now? Comment below!!


  1. Hesh says:

    Explosions in the sky – great soundtrack style music

  2. Tobbe says:

    Right now: Eagles of death metal – Only want you
    Next: Motörhead – Motörhead

  3. random_guy says:

    nick cave. wow. this site is a big wet dream for me

  4. Bob Byington says:

    Telekinesis-12 desperate Straight lines