My First Tracke


Write about your XS650.: I bought the bike last summer and rode it around for a little bit. I kinda lost interest until this spring when i got nuts about it. Hacked up the frame, cut off all the tabs and crap i didnt need. Already had flat track bars on it. Bought an 19 in front and 18 in rear wheel. Got some Dunlop rubbers. Got the seat from a guy on ebay, I think its hot wing glass. Pipes are from Gary Hoos racing and are so loud, I love it. Cleaned the carbs and re-jetted them. noid-bike31


Threw on some K&Ns . New coil with good wires and exspensive plugs.A bunch of brown and dark red spray paint and called it done. Gets alot of attention and keeps up with my friends 883’s. Next project is gunna be a bobber and I am currently looking for a cheap bike in the Philadelphia area. Special thanks to Gary Hoos, Roger Herring and MikesXs for dealing with my annoying questions.

Breahn Riley


  1. neoman says:

    Brown and dark red is a good look for that Tracke
    anodized on black would be cool

    Nice job