Misirlou built for Cat’s Meow Detroit


Write about your XS650.: Last March the gang from Scrawny’s were invited to show off some of their builds at Detroit’s Autorama. We set up shop next to a great guy named Keith who owns a shop called The Cat’s Meow, a retro collectible shop.noid-dsc05898

After the show was over, Keith came to us and asked to have a 50’s style bobber built for him. No problem. We did a cream and flat black with worn edges and chopped the rear suspension to give it a better stance. Keith’s pretty happy, all that bike for less than $3000.



  1. Teebs says:

    So, once again I’m going to be a dick, since nobody else ever seems to speak up.

    I try not to say much about people’s personal builds if I don’t like them, but I have a tendency to become annoyed by “bike builders” who build a bike for 3 grand and can’t seem to grasp the basics of form and flow.

    Crappy pictures aside (gracias) this bike has bad lines (they’re all over the frikkin place) no flow whatsoever, a rear fender that looks like it belongs on a trailer, it sits up too high, has rear shocks AND a sprung seat (retarded). ’50s style? WHERE?

    I’m not even going to try to find anything nice to say about it.

    Yeah, I’m a douche. But I’m a douche that knows form and flow. I would encourage you to find somebody like me, someone with some aesthetic sense, and hire them if you plan on building more bikes. Technical skill alone doesn’t make you competent to build a motorcycle.

  2. tadd442 says:

    Speaking of sprung seats and shocks, isn’t that the whole premise of “bratstyle”?? You take off the stock seat, bolt on a solo “sprung” seat and VIOLA…a whole “NEW” style!! COME ON!!

    Speaking of form and flow, why does “bratstyle” even exist? If all you can handle is removing a seat…..have someone who understands form & flow help you.

    Teebs, you are not a d-bag, you are being honest.

    Also, you forgot to mention that sissy bars are not DRIVER backrests….

    Hopefully, “Scrawny’s” is thick skinned and can use this CONSTRUCTIVE, yet somewhat harsh CRITICISM, in future endeavors….

  3. tadd442 says:

    Thanks for the clarification Justin…At least now I don’t feel out of the loop…

  4. BillyBobba says:


  5. tadd442 says:

    I happen to be guilty of the cookie-cutter thing as we speak….but I am just getting into it….I don’t claim to have created “the next big thing”…but as chops/bobbers go it is a good look that someone with minimal experience/tools can replicate….The FORM & FLOW of it works..(hence the popularity)

  6. Teebs says:

    I’m probably sounding more harsh than I actually feel. I don’t hate all of these bikes. I just like seeing more creativity going into it.

    A lot of guys are just starting out, and some want the bike done yesterday so they can ride it. It’s ALL cool. It just isn’t my preference and I am somewhat outspoken and opinionated.

    My MAIN problem is the above; A bike that somebody charged another person for and did a f*cked up job on it. I’ll speak my mind about that all damn day. Hopefully they stop and think about what I said, and either improve their work, or quit building period. I could do better work than that with my eyes closed and my fingers duct-taped together.

    In fact, every single one of these “cookie-cutter” builds I see looks a bazillion times better. I’d ride any one of you guys’ bikes til the wheels fell off. (As long as the welds are good.) You couldn’t pay me to get on that thing…. OK, well maybe if you paid me…

    To all you guys building your own XS chop in your garage with a TC bros hardtail and a sporty tank, tell me to go f*ck myself. I would if I were you. The only thing I will keep saying is; MAKE SURE YOUR WELDS ARE DONE RIGHT.

  7. Scrawny says:

    Gentlemen, and you too Teebs, not only have you motivated me to continue building bikes and sell them to friends who appreciate our look , but you’ve shown me that i need to spend more time designing and implementing your from and flow, and your photographer. Cheers.

    We never boast about our keen eye for style and dedication to typical and refurbished ideas, nor did we set out to appease the masses. Simply, we build bikes so we can ride them and drop them, I’m sure you would like to see the later Teebs.

    I agree with you guys, and admit we are not “Bike Builders”, what we are is two guys, doing what we can with what resources we have. We’re not ripping people off, in fact we include our clients in every step we take and build our personal bikes so that we’re happy with them. I have had more people stop me on the street with either a thumbs up or a, “Nice bike” and those are the people who come to us for a bike. They come to us because they’re attracted to our style.

    I build what I like, some people seem to enjoy it, others, seem to have a strange disdain for it. Nothing makes me happier than knowing I put my sweat equity into something that makes heads turn and some vomit on a forum were people share their idea of what is right and wrong.

    More to come! Hope you enjoy them!


  8. Dane says:

    I dig it. As somebody said above the sissy bar isn’t a driver backrest, but I dig it. I bet he’s comfortable riding it though. I think that the only thing that I don’t like is the rear fender.

  9. Teebs says:

    “They come to us because they’re attracted to our style.” You said “style” LMFAO!!!

  10. Ron says:

    Could not agree more, it sucks.

  11. norm younger says:

    where did you get the pipe.(exhaust)