Frank GRC daily


Write about your XS650.: I sent in some other photos of this bike, but ive done some work to it figured i would send an update. noid-100_0372




Thanks for such a great site!!!!!

frank GRC






  1. Rusty Nutz says:

    Lovely patina. lol

    hey how do you like the fork setup? Do you bottom out a lot?

  2. frank GRC says:

    havent bottomed out yet bro

  3. mike says:

    love the rod chain guard roller thing!

  4. Dane says:

    Frank, what did that tank come off of?

  5. frank GRC says:

    a sporster, and some love from a hammer

  6. tadd442 says:

    Was there any particular method to applying the love from said hammer? It is something I have considered doing but don’t want to sacrifice a tank….

  7. Teebs says:

    So Frank, another bike I like. Imagine that.

    Actually, I just finished looking at the 78 hardtail and the murdered stretch and I like both of those too. Except the apes… Just not my deal. But the ’78 is all polish and pretty. Very Nice.

    And the murdered bike… Damn. If I was in the market for a prebuilt bike, I’d drop 2700 on it and feel like I stole it. The chrome headlight and rear fender are perfectly balanced. And I love the seat. Badass

    As for the bike above. While I like shiny paint and sparkly stuff, the use of whatever is handy overrides all of that. The connecting rod is great. And that’s the center emblem from a Pontiac hubcap isn’t it? And of course the hammer work is awesome.

    I love that you aren’t afraid to stretch em out. I like the looks of that amount of stretch. I’ve heard people say that it looks unbalanced without any front stretch. I disagree, it makes it look more aggressive, like it’s pushing forward, which I like.

  8. weed says:

    Nice bike i love it , rust dirty and no paint hell yeah 🙂

  9. frank GRC says:

    tadd442 i tried it on a tank i knew i wasnt going to use first, i am not a metal working kinda guy, so for me to say that this is not a hard thing to do means it really isnt. i was kinda careful around the edges but for the most part the hammer did all the work, i say give it a shot and good luck bro!!!!!!!!

  10. tadd442 says:

    Thanks Frank! I assume you used a ball-peen hammer? Did you just lay it on a table and start whacking, or did you use some sort of support?

  11. frank GRC says:

    yeah i deff would use ballpeen, at first i put it on the bench but quickly relized if i bolted it on the frame, it made it a whole lot easier

  12. Trever says:

    For the forks did you just slide the tubes up through the trees?

  13. frank GRC says:

    to trever, yeah thats what i did but alot of people will tell you not to,i have been riding it this way for almost seven years never had a problem.

  14. Teebs says:

    lol TREVER…. DON’T – DO – IT!

  15. BIGSCARY says:

    Dude I love all your bikes you build, can’t wait til we can get started on my dirty rider and stretch it out to hell and back lol you know us 6’6″ 300 pound plus guys need our leg room. Love how you always find a way to put antiques on your bike and make them not only look cool but function as well.

  16. Trever says:

    Thanks for the warning teebs lol. I’m gonna go sportster front end anyways….i was just wondering what kind of ride does that produce? did you put in different spring rates so it wont bottom out….

  17. sean from boston says:

    real bad ass looking daily

  18. norm younger says:

    Best looking RatRod on this site!