End of part one…


Write about your XS650.: This is the end of part one for me. I’ve wanted a chop for SOOOO long and was lucky enough to come by this xs for not much money. With lots of help from my brother (I’m a musician by trade and unfortunately didnt inherit the mechanical skills the rest of my family have!) Got the bike to this stage. It look geat and rides even better so for now i’m satisfied. noid-xs_chop_web_photos_005

In the next 12 months tho i hope to hardtail it, strip it down to bare minimum wiring, straight through pipes etc, However on a guitarists wage and with twins on the way i’m not going to hold my breath. Just gratefull that i’ve got the bike this far!!!


  1. BillyBobba says:

    Please do it quickly , that bike has some major issue’s.

  2. cub says:

    such as….?

  3. rob says:

    Billybobba, i am still laughing about your comment. I swear, you took the words right out of my mouth. Cub, dude! It’s your bike, so feel free to ride it like it is, but man, it’s ugly.

  4. cub says:

    it would appear from reading various other posts that there are a number of unconstructive, over opinionated twats on this site. Shame, there’s some great bikes. Beauty is most definately in the eye of the beholder. I have never done any customising of bikes before and for a first attempt was quite pleased with this. A little encouragement goes a long way amd CONSTRUCTIVE critisism goes even further.
    Anyhoo, stick it up your arse….im off for a ride…….

  5. Emery says:

    I agree with Cub, there is a big differance between constructive criticism and just talking sh*t. This is supposed to be a site where we can exchange ideas and show our personal style without being ripped apart. If you have something CONSTRUCTIVE to say, then go for it. But if you just want to talk sh*t, keep it to yourself. Ride on Bro.