Doublecheck your wiring


  1. Rusty Nutz says:

    I talked to him. IIRC, the problem was a fiery backfire through the carbs, no air cleaners, plus a fuel line leak of some sort.

    My build is getting a braided fuel line and good hose clamps.

    Maybe he could post for us here and tell us exactly how to avoid this.

  2. Ted says:

    @ Rusty Nutz
    That be cool if you reached out to him and got him to give us the lowdown.

  3. Rusty Nutz says:

    Oops wrong info. He said leak in aftermarket carb seal and backfire. I assumed some kind of drippy fuel line as it would make sense.

    Anyway, it underscores the point of making sure carbs, fuel lines, timing, petcocks are good to go. It’s not the first bike fire I’ve heard of.

  4. Rusty Nutz says:

    Oh yeah you shouldn’t try to hang the carbs on the stock rubber booties, they aren’t made to work without the stock air cleaner box helping to support the carbs. Plenty of guys make aluminum carb manifolds that utilize a piece of rubber hose and hose clamps for better support and to isolate carbs from engine vibration.

  5. Teebs says:

    Did anybody else go all queasy watching this?

    …and did anybody else wonder why some motherf*cker didn’t get a friggin fire extinguisher at some point and put the damn thing out? Why the f*ck would you just stand there looking like a moron watching it burn?

    That’s f*cked up right there.

  6. andy carter says:

    geez thats gnarly! just a word of advise if you plan to run ss braided lines cover them in shrink tube first so that they dont chafe other areas on your bike. you could run the ss line to avoid a fuel fire and cause an electrical fire in the process. just take some regular old shrink tubing and slip it over the braided line and hit it with a heat gun, bam problem solved. oh and it gets rid of the gay looking braided ricer look. you can get the really nice xrp fabric/kevlar coverd stuff too that looks good and doesnt chafe. just my $.02

  7. blackwidow says:

    Thats a drag I had my bike fall off a trailer while I was transporting it on the highway and I had to watch it burn what a depressing day that was. This was like back in may and I am rebuilding that bike and am currently riding a stock one and will chop that one next. I’m not giving up on my bike and I hope this guy doesn’t either.

  8. blackchop says:

    awww hell. 🙁

  9. 0100 says:

    I was out riding on the Gypsy Run in 08 with Tyler and his crew from Lowbrow when my bike went up in flames from a leaky carb that backfired. We saved the bike with a gallon of cider, yes cider. Still ride the bike to this day.

  10. Ted says:

    I’ve had a bike catch fire back in the day.. Definitely sucks. This video does make you a bit queasy.. haha

    @blackwidow have you begun rebuilding?

  11. Paul says:

    Geez……maybe everybody and their brother shouldnt be choppin up bikes…….Manual -$39.00 (yes, following the manual for a chop is the same, the motor basically doesnt change)…….not drinking a case of beer before you work on your bike +$12.00 in your pocket…….paying attention (free if you do it the first time)……Not setting your bike or your balls on fire……..priceless!

  12. Zman4112 says:

    The coil was bad on one side so it wasn’t running right.
    Had the coil tested and it came back ok.
    So I richened up the right carb to see if that was the problem.
    That didn’t help, so a friend brought me over another coil and told me to try it, ( just to ammuse him ) I did. I was around the corner from my house and smelled gas, looked down and it backfired. There was a small pool of gas on the engine below the carb, it went up intsantly melting the rubber fuel line and it just went up from there.
    The neighbor exhausted all the fire stuff he had including a bucket of dirt. The good news is it still ran after new carbs and tank. But it is getting all new paint and wiring so it will be done by summer 10.

  13. Harold says:

    had a short in my wiring causing a small electrical fire. a couple burnt fingers a nd a couple of good tugs and the bike was saved. that could have been my bike but lady luck smiled on me.