I have always loved anything with wheels. Cars,bikes,motorcycles…

Earlier this year I remember having a conversation at the kitchen table with my brother in-law Jimbo about Bratstyle bikes, he is more partial to rigid style bikes, (I attached a photo of his bike as well Black rigid) I on the other hand love the look of softails, when done right.


Anyways within a month of that conversation he picked up his bike and a few weeks later I got mine from some guy off of CL in St.Pete. I was told the bike ran like a top (BULLSHIT) Let me say that this has been one pain in the ass thing after another. Weekend after weekend wasted trying to start it up, re-wire it, replacing rotors, batteries and expierencing the joy of re-jetting an 81….headache after headache. It is hot as HELL in Florida and I have no A/C in my garage.

I even have had the wife in the garage looking over the wiring diagram with me, after 2 days of not being able to get it to start, it dawned on me or should I say I was told to check if it was getting fuel.. duh
It has been AWESOME, I love it, it is so worth it after you get on your bike that you have built and ride out, I hope everyone enjoy’s the pics. I am looking forward to breaking it all down, painting it and starting it all over again. Comments are welcome.

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Ted thanks for the site, I visit everyday just to see what is new.



  1. Ted says:

    Thanks for sending in the pic Rick.

  2. Chris says:

    Diggin’ the green and the re-worked rear end.

    Side note, I’m in St.Pete… hope to see the bike around some day.

  3. Ricardo Lopez says:

    Thanks Chris, Let me know, anytime…

  4. Ricardo Lopez says:

    Ted, I emailed you a better pic of my bike (Green Bike)to post up, if you could add it that would be awesome that Black bike is my brother inlaw. Thanks

  5. Ted says:

    @Ricardo I had trouble uploading the (Green Bike) Pic. the file was huge and I tried to shrink it down but it coming up as file corrupt. sorry man.

  6. rick says:


    Thanks for adding the better pic of my bike, now I am internationally renowned and have been featured on

  7. Duran says:

    This is the first time I have seen a soft tail and liked it. Beautiful bike. The stance, colors, tanks, tires… all perfect.

  8. Rick Lopez says:

    Duran, Thanks for the compliment. I actually just listed the bike for sale and have an itch to get my hands on another one and start all over. If anyone is interested. Please email me at
    Asking price 2900.00 FIRM. Located Orlando,FL


  9. Colin says:

    So how was jetting the 81 anyhow? I have one, and think it may need rejetting. Thanx

  10. Rick Lopez says:

    Its really not that bad, mikesxs has a kit that you can buy with all the jets that you need, he also has an excellent article that you can read about this years carb.

  11. Sean from boston says:

    I know this is an old post but dam. Great looking bike man!

  12. norm younger says:

    Awesomw bike.

  13. Wade says:

    Nice bike bro! I know the feeling of riding out on a bike you built!! AWESOME!!