Choppers are Ghey


Write about your XS650.: This bike started as a dirty caked on greasy whore of a runner, then one day I decided to change up the front end to once inch. Roughly 600 beers later and six months I had the bike stripped polished, painted and replaced everything old on the motor.noid-img_0289
Im more of a cafe racer type of guy. Like to go fast, actually real fast on the twisties, although usually a Euro trash kind of guy I have always been a big fan of Jappers, always have been since my first XR80 back in 79, so digging into an XS for the first time was a real treat. The frame is a G&S no stretch, tank and foot pegs are G& S as well. Front end has a one inch set up, handle bars are one inch Keystones from my good friends over at Biltwell, bunch of solid guys that make quality products and they actually like motorcycles.


rebuilt forks and really neato Fork Covers made by Benji. The tail of the bike has a West Eagle alloy single rib fender that I had to grind the hell out of to make it work and the tail light is an Norton repro that I got from England. My buddy “Cop Todd” helped me out with the wiring to make it only a kicker and I had an alloy battery box that is riveted together by a real talented guy that is an aircraft mechanic.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, I really put some time into it, I had a vision and went for it. If you would like a bike like this go ahead and contact me and I would be happy to talk with you about making that happen.


  1. josh says:

    G&S? i’d like a hardtail but i’m only 5’5″ & i don’t want any stretch. all of the rear hardtail section i see for sale have stretch.

  2. josh says:

    G&S? i’d like a hardtail but i’m only 5’5″ & i don’t want any stretch. all of the rear hardtail section i see for sale have stretch.

    btw, sweet bike. i’m really digging those forks..

  3. RevCain says:

    i like the space under the seat. i like how you didn’t fill it up with some poser phony ass oil tank. that is one of the cool things about the xs, no oil tank needed so why not be clever with your electrics. you were sir. good job.

    and yes, the front end is rad as well.


  4. matt says:

    love that front end.

  5. Brian says:

    Nice front-end and pipes, good looking build!!

  6. Hesh says:

    Cool bike man, I was scoping it on Craigslist!

  7. EJ says:

    What kind of mid controls/rear brake setup did you use?

  8. BODON says:

    Love it!
    I want mine to be similar in style.

  9. blackwidow says:

    Hey Josh you wouldn’t be stretched that hard on this bike heck find someone who has one and sit on it see if you like the style if not bring the handle bars to you and make it fit you 😉

  10. jimster says:

    Nice ride. Where can I get a set of those fork covers?? They look awesome.

  11. Blackwidow says:

    Whats with the title?? you know most would argue that this is more of a chopper than a bobber…Me on the other hand when I think of choppers I think of raked out but guess it just means chopped frame or chopped up I guess.I like the bike

  12. ksdtoday says:

    Man I love those mid controls! Very nice bike. Those are my fave biltwell bars.

  13. norm younger says:

    awesome front end and bars.