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Choppers are Ghey



Write about your XS650.: This bike started as a dirty caked on greasy whore of a runner, then one day I decided to change up the front end to once inch. Roughly 600 beers later and six months I had the bike stripped polished, painted and replaced everything old on the motor. Continue Reading →

Custom Old School Helmets!



Write about your XS650.: Hey Ted, Josh here from G&L Choppers. I wanted to see if you would post up some of the custom Biltwell lids we have been creating and selling. This is a side project/business for me separate from G&L. Steve Havens does all of the freehand pinstriping and I do all of the gilding (gold, silver and copper leaf) Continue Reading →




Write about your XS650.:           This is a custom built Yamaha XS 650.
The bike is built around a 1971 XS-1 frame.
Everythig was completely tore down to the bare frame, and several modifications were done then it all got powder coated matte black.

The bikes powder comes from a 1979 650 motor which has been upgraded with an electronic ignition system, solid state regulator/rectifier, and high out-put coil. The side cases have been drilled, and powder coated. Continue Reading →

Run for Your Life build off winner



Write about your XS650.: Dano built this insanely sano XS 650 for the R4YL build off. The bike started it’s new life as the shell you see here. A 78 xs650 that was owned by a friend of his family who passed away a few years ago. He rode on the back of it when he was about 11 years old, Dano says “we’ll just say 25+ years ago”.

Continue Reading →

homebuilt custom



Write about your XS650.:Started out as an as is special, brought it home in boxes, got it runnin then got busy with the sawzall & grinder, sadly, sold to fund next project. Continue Reading →

The twins



Write about your XS650.: So the last bike I built (the green one) got my Dad to thinking that I should make one for him.  He lives in California and I live in Michigan though, so we built this one in three months so he could join me to check out the dream cruise together. Continue Reading →