Update XS Bobber


Just a couple pics to show an update on “77 Refurbished




Harold Dear


  1. RevCain says:

    love how you took a bike that lots of people liked and turned it into something else that people will love as well.

    i love both versions. nice vision

  2. ThePlotSickens says:

    Bike is dialed…i dig it… those ape hangers are lame though keep the smaller bars on it…

  3. blackwidow says:

    Yeah those small bars are nice

  4. Frank GRC says:

    dude i love it one of my top favorites!!!!!!!!

  5. Ted says:

    @ ThePlotSickens –No– The ape hangers do it.

    @ Harold if you down maybe we could do a short e-mail interview when you get your bike the way you want it.

  6. HDear says:

    Thanks! I think im going to go with the apes but im going to make a set of cables for the low bars also…………..and Ted, that sounds great. Probably looking at another month or so.

  7. Chris says:

    nice bike the gas tank fits great, what bike is it from

  8. HDear says:

    I believe this tank is a beck. Basically a wassel knockoff.

  9. Shotcaller says:

    How did I miss this one? This is a sweet rig for sure:)

  10. Trever says:

    are those the tc bros forward controls you mounted in a different location???

  11. reynoldburton says:

    Just nice! Apehanger & ribbed ducktail fender is the right choice.