Tim’s GL#12 XS650


Here’s alittle bit about the bike. This is a 1975XS650 built for me by Rich @ G&L Choppers in Colorado Springs. This bobber is buy far the coolest bike I’ve ever owned. The motor was in stock form with I beleive somewhere between 15000-18000 miles. The addtions Iv’e done since getting the bike are as follows, 2into1 intake W/34mm from Wiseguys Choppers www.wiseguyscustoms.com also changed out the ingition from stock dual points to the boyer bransden system re-rapped the pipes and added a tach. I will have to say that all the years I’ve been ridding this is by far the coolest bike I’ve ever owned.


And a special thanks goes out to Rich @ G&L choppers in Colorodo Ssprings the man puts together one very nice machine.


  1. Chris Fisher says:

    very clean build! do you know where the springer front end came from?

  2. Chris says:

    It looks like a DNA 2″ under… I believe G&L offers them in their bike builds as an option.

    Sweet XS Tim!

  3. Hesh says:

    Everyone hates on the DNA’s. Looks good here dude! Cool bike!

  4. Nahoa says:

    Could you tell us more about the carb setup?

  5. Don Russ says:

    Ditto. How does carb set up work for you? does it idle smoother, any more power?

  6. tim says:

    It’s a 2/1 intake w/34mm mukuni, the idle is much smoother and far easier to tune. As far as power, it feels the same

  7. Tom says:

    Cool looking bike dude maybe some day you will let me take it for a ride? You know don’t forget about your good friend in AZ how needs to ride it..

    No this bike is way cool, I have named it a yamaopper.. Great bike bud..

  8. tim says:

    Thank’s, It is a great bike….And to the question about the front end, Chris is right A DNA 2″ under.

  9. blackwidow says:

    so how does that springer ride??I live in Colorado and have heard alot of good things about G&L choppers.

  10. lil bastard says:

    I really dig your carb & intake set up! Me & dad are goin to try sum thin simular are one of our bikes. Looks good!

  11. tim says:

    The springer rides great no problems so far. If you live in Colorado and you are thinking about this type of scooter Rich@ G&L is the man to talk to.

  12. Brennan Wood says:

    Could you tell me what jet sizes your using in the carb? Ive got the same setup but having a hell of a time getting it to run right.