I notice this nasty sounding exhaust coming north bound

Write about your XS650.:  I want to tell how I came to build my bobber. Ill make it short. I used to work this kill yourself, 9-5, desk job I disliked. Every day I would have to take the highway home from this snobby ass town at 5pm (rush hour). This particular highway would be jammed full of cars at this time, every day, heading south. One day, in the summer, I’m sitting on the highway south bound, surrounded by soccer mom minivans and tools in Volvos and what have you. I notice this nasty sounding exhaust coming north bound on the opposite side of the highway.


I look over and its this skinny biker dood with a long ass beard. Hes got his legs completely horizontal on his forward controls, hand on his jockey shifter, and his throttle cracked wide open with no one in his way. He seemed to just ooze with coolness and I wanted to be him at that moment.




Before then I had been interested in sport bikes but in the brief moments this guy whizzed by, free as a bird, he sold me on chopper style bikes. From there I did some research, talked to some people in my town, and decided I wanted to build a bobber. I traded my 86 Buick La Sabre for my 70 xs650 and the rest, as they say, is history.

Thanks Keith Allibone

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