“Rat Race” by Cannonball Custom Cycles

Write about your XS650.:  This bike was built for my good friend Taylor.
It started out as a stock 1979 xs650, I cut it up and welded on a TCbros hardtail.  Took the stock wheels and powder coated them black, wrapped those in some avon whitewalls.



Stock forks with shaved lowers, clip on handlebars for a little racer style as well as a custom number plate/dual headlight. Peanut style tank, Cannonball hard ass seat.


Turned down pipes and a canteen for holding extra fuel for those long rides. I hope you like it.


Cannonball Custom Cycles



  1. RevCain says:

    you hit another out of the park w/this one. i like the cannonball shop bike as well.

    i see you are into road stars as well. wish you were closer, i have one i am selling to support my xs habit. i already customized it a little though.

  2. Keith Allibone says:

    Im not usually a fan of mag type wheels but they look good on there. The bike is sick, different, id ride it and give people the finger on in.

  3. Keith Allibone says:


  4. Ryan says:

    Thanks a lot guys. Revcain, Road Stars are kind of my specialty, but I am starting to prefer doing the XS650’s. They are just fun bikes to build and ride.

  5. EJ says:

    I want to pub mid controls on my xs. How did you set up your rear brake using the stock components? Thanks

  6. Ryan says:

    email me at cannonballcustomcycles@yahoo.com and I will send you some pics of it.

  7. Talha says:

    Very unique on headlights!

  8. Marcel says:

    There is something facinating when looking at this bike. Can you tell me where I can find the same rear fender you have.

  9. Ryan says:

    It is a generic front fender, I believe i bought it through Bikers Choice.

  10. john says:

    what lenght is the stretch on it?

  11. Ryan says:

    If you mean the frame stretch, it is stock with a TC bros hardtail.

  12. Rocker says:

    Do you have a wiring diagram for this bike? Also where is your battery?