Pangea pulverizer part 2


Decided that the road was calling

Hello, my name is Andy carter, my home is salt lake city Utah. A few of you have probably seen the first installment of the “pangea pulverizer”. I thought i would talk a little about  how i got into all this stuff.
Growing up my parents owned a rapid prototyping / industrial design company named metropolis design.  I grew up working at metropolis design. We had a machine shop, welding gear, wood shop, and pretty much any other tool imaginable right there at our fingertips. That being said my brother and i had allot of really good opportunities to build some cool stuff.noid-dsc_0233
Some years ago i made the decision to move to northern California to go to formula race car mechanics school. while training to become a professional racing mechanic i did an apprenticeship with a very well known vintage formula one fabrication shop. during my time at the f1 shop i really honed my skills.


After graduation i opted to move to so cal and build hot rods professionally. building rods was an awesome experience. i really loved building cars but there were a few things getting to me one of them was California… back in slc i picked up a job working for a high end restoration shop. i decided that the road was calling so i quit that gig and bought an 83 Suzuki gs850. the 850 took me all over the country for three months and about 13k ticked over on the odometer.


While i was on the road i came to the conclusion that i don’t like building stuff to other peoples specs and having to make sacrifices due to the “customers” opinion. that is when i got serious on pangea speed. at this time i was pretty much finished with my 74 rd350 cafe racer. during that project i realized that if you want to build a bike you have to go through a billion different suppliers to get all the parts you need. seems to me why shouldn’t you be able to come to a company like pangea speed and get all your fabrication parts from one source?  well that’s what i am in the process of creating.  some of the parts are listed up on more are showing up all the time. check it out.

I am sure you are wondering about the specs on the bike? so i picked up this 650 super cheap. a few slices with the saw and her back half fell off, like it was part of a magic show or something. the real trick was sticking the new back on straight. i bent up some dom for the rear and had the first set of p-speed axle plates machined.


I went to a magneto set up.  OK OK OK permanent magnetic alternator would be the technical name for it. i just didn’t want to have to deal with a battery so i just strapped a stator off a sport bike with some banshee parts on the crank. everything works great especially with the pamco ign.


I had to have some where to keep the wires so i built a box that fit between the tire and back bone. the other reason i built the box is to clean up the over all aesthetic of the bike. there is nothing i hate more than a bike that has a bunch of empty space all over it. between building this form fitting box and keeping the frame the stock wheel base (i am 6ft tall and it fits fine.) i believe it achieved a pretty solid look.  for the rear fender i took the front fender, cut the fat outta the middle and stitched it back together.  a few coats of super metal flake gold, some gold leaf, and about 50 pangea stickers and this thing is ready to rock.
Oh i also stitched up the goat skin seat cover and fastened it to a pan i shaped. the hand shifter was bent out of 5/8 cold rolled, the sissy bar was done in 1/2 cold rolled.

This pretty much sums it up, if you want to check out photos from this entire build you can swing over to and its all there. feel free to drop me a line too i love to hear all your input and send me pics of what you guys are building!!!!

Thanks Andy carter


  1. Jake says:

    Well done! I love the way it all came together. keeps me inspired!

  2. Hesh says:

    Bitchen bitchen bitchen!
    Magneto, come on! So rad!

  3. Steve says:

    Way cool !!!

  4. RevCain says:

    you are pretty cool, but she looks better on the bike than you do.

    good luck w/the business venture.

  5. Teebs says:

    I’ve gotta say that that’s a right nice sissy bar… and the rest of that scoot is pretty OK as well.

    Was there actually a bike in some of those pics?

  6. Hugh says:

    Great looking scoot man!!! I love the taillight, it looks like a boat marker maybe?

  7. Paul says:

    Bitchin doesn’t even begin to describe! The prices are very kind too!
    Great stuff, can’t wait to see more.

  8. neoman says:


  9. Ryan says:

    Great looking bike, keep up the good work. Do you have a storefront shop in SLC?

  10. ThePlotSickens says:

    Should make and sell that sissy bar…cause i’d pick one up for my XS..

  11. Mikey says:

    dude i have been looking for the right inspiration to start an XS, and i am stoked to find this!!!!!

    this bike is incredible!! you killed it hands down

  12. Ted says:

    Looks like your getting a lot of love on your ride Andy. Well done man…

  13. andy carter says:

    hey guys! sorry i havent commented on here, its been crazy out here lately. tons of car shows, chopping my studebaker, and trying to get the pangea speed site running. i just got back from beating my bike out on the salt flats for speed week! that was a blast caught some air and rode up some freeway enbankments, all in all a great time.

    to answer some questions the tail light is an old h.d. gladiator front marker, i just sprayed some candy red on it and retro fit an led brake light in it.

    ryan, i dont have a store front but i would be more than willing to sell you what you need if you shoot me an email at

    plot sickens, i might be selling a sissy bar fab kit soon so that you can build your own custom creation.

    everyone else thanks for all the rad feed back you guys are rad and i love the attitude and support that i feel on here its so great!!!!!! thanks ted for creating such a cool site.

  14. blackwidow says:

    Nice bike and killer pics great job

  15. Rorschach says:

    sick bike Andy. i especially dig the pipes, top shelf work man. Def considering getting those axle plates and having someone make me a hardtail.

  16. jessica says:

    andy, you’re work is so seamless and amazing. customizing motorcycles and cars really seems to be in your blood. you work so incredibly hard and it shows. thank you for being so humble and friendly. keep fabbing and inspiring!

  17. lil bastard says:

    Way cool little chop! I like the engine turned side cases ! Great job!

  18. Blacksmithbilly says:

    The bike is a reflection of who you are ,original .. talented ,and
    lots of detail!
    and the exhaust setup is something different…and I likey!

    That sissy bar…….. is stainless?…nickel plated?

  19. andy carter says:

    the sissey is chrome plated. thanks for all the great input you guys.

  20. Emery says:

    Love the bike. Saw your build blog and you make that look easy. I like the idea of a colored frame, and the helmet is sick! I have one too, mine is blue flake with a black flake stripe and clear visor, bring back the bubble shields!

  21. korajezz says:

    thanks for your comments, your bike is very elaborate and cmucho style, I’m in mexico and not many pastes and information on these bikes, as I do to avoid the explosions a mechanic told me that the reason is the shortness of leakage do you think?

  22. hunter says:

    this bike is whats up, checked out your blog the madball video on it is from my town thats whats up too

  23. Nice Sh*t man. I’m interested in your dimensions. You said it’s stock wheel base. Any lowering of the forks? What’s your ground clearance?
    Again, way cool chop. Way cool shots.

  24. angus67 says:

    blazin’ the trail for the 650’s!!! Saw you in the horse!! did you really jump it off a curb?! sick bike Bro.

  25. reynoldburton says:

    Very well done bike! One of my favourites. The sweet Lady too, hehe..

  26. HoeyUno says:

    You have had a interesting life my man..Formula race car mechanic school, nice!! The bike looks great, I would give a testicle for that thing. Cheers!!

  27. ryang says:

    one of my favorite xs650 chops ever. i love the fact the frame is a zero stretch and how slammed it is. how much did you drop the frame?

  28. norm younger says:

    I dont know whats hotter the bike or the girl.