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Black Mantis! is it a bobber, chopper, bratstyle. I just call it mine!!



Write about your XS650.:  Purchased this stock and running 1982 xs650, but needing some TLC and a diet. took me about 3-4 weeks to get it to where i was ready to ride it, and about 2 months to get it to where it is right now which leaves me about 85% satisfied with it. When i can scrounge up a few more dollars for some wheels, levers, gauges, more paint, and a nice bright and shiny chrome front end than i can say it will be complete. Continue Reading →

Budget Built Bobber



Write about your XS650.: I wanted to build a basic no-nonsense bobber. The kind any Joe with a small amount of money could build. Picked up a descent running 79 XS650 for $800. Stripped it down in one night. Cut the back half of the frame off and took it to Koolkraft to have the hardtail welded up. Made the seat out of scrap. Fake oil can is made out of a Sugar tin I picked up at a Dept. store. Lights and turn signals are from an auto store. Continue Reading →

BMod Old Skool



“I saw some of the nice XS650’s out there and had to have me one. I sold my previous bike (Honda Shadow Spirit 750) and started building this one over the winter (with the help of my friend Dennis). 6 months later she is on the road and I must say it is a blast to ride! I LUV this bike! Continue Reading →

xs650 How to test your rotor


Another xs650 charging system tech video By Brian Durk – Minnesota

I’ve been working on understanding the xs650 charging system for some time now. One thing I’ve learned that I thought would be helpful to others trying to tackle charging issues is simply how to test your charging rotor. Here’s a quick video. Note, when buying a circuit tester… you get what you pay for.

$1.99 on sale at Harbor Freight last month.

XS650 Burnout!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


“I just bought this ’79 XS650 from a loving owner who pampered it and rode it on Sunday’s and kept it neatly tucked away in his garage. I painted it flat black, drilled out the pipes, re-jetted it, threw some moto bars on it and am now enjoying adding to it’s 7700 original, adult ridden miles before I take a sawzall to it. Poor little guy had an easy life up until now.


xs650 custom



Write about your XS650.: Recently acquired, legalised, caught fire a couple times, rewired, tuning the carbs, cut the pipes, k&n’s, digital ignition to fit. I loving this solid machine. Continue Reading →