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juggs garage bobber (update)



Write about your XS650.:  Just a few more bits done, I’ve spray stenciled the tank, fitted the clutch cover, jockey/suicide shift with hand clutch, chain, rear brake, rear mud gaurd. A few other bits have also been done as you can see. As before all comments welcome, Continue Reading →

My “76 oldskool chopper



My “76 oldskool chopper from holland with springerfork..

Thanks Perro

Long Time Comin’



I sit and drool over all the beautiful bikes for hours.

Write about your XS650.: This website is addicting! I sit and drool over all the beautiful bikes for hours.  Thanks for all the inspiration. My Brother and I have been in the custom paint business for years. When there was spare time we liked to stay late at the shop and pretend we were Jesse James or Billy Lane. My brother had an XS650 and turned it into a sweet little bob. We learned more and more about the XS underground and really got excited about them,  He made another one later for a guy and I just had to have one too. Continue Reading →

Foot Clutch xs



Coming up with solutions.

xs650 for sale on EBAY now..

This bike has been on here before but not with current pics. I saw an ad for a 82 xs650 on craigslist.  Gave it a call and decided to go take a look.  It was pretty beat, and missing stuff here and there and it didn’t run.  The guy only wanted $300 so it was actually a decent deal.  I slept on it and then called the guy back after a few days.  Turns out this guy (Hillbilly Wicked Choppa) had a jig setup for doing hardtails on the xs650.  I had recently got a mig welder, but wasn’t confident on my skills to attempt a rigid build as my learning experience.  For another small price he would weld on a hardtail for me and i could come pick it up in a week or two.  DEAL! Continue Reading →

Joel Mekolites: Bratty xs650 makeover



I decided to cut it up and see what I could make out of it.

Write about your XS650.: Well I got my xs650 set up the way I thought I wanted it. After stepping back and looking at it she looked like a stock triumph in my opinion. I wasn’t too happy with it , she didn’t turn out like how I imagined it. It was cool but just not me. A friend of mine had an old leaky sporty tank he said I could have. I decided to cut it up and see what I could make out of it. It seemed like a lot of xs’s use the sporty tank. I wanted to change it up a little. I cut the bottom out of it to start. Continue Reading →

juggs garage bobber



Write about your XS650.: Hi this is just a quick start to show how I’m getting on with my build. I originaly bought her off of ebay, and after getting her home decided to stip her down and staet again. At this present stage I have hade the frame powder coated and I have painted the forks, yokes, brackets and braces. My current task is re-wireing the hole bike as the previous owner had used all black wires. Continue Reading →