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Where does this bit go?!!!!



Well i bought this bike 7 months ago from a guy who fixes up old bikes. I saw the basics on a bench and fell in love instantly!  it was already chopped but still had the skinny back wheel so he set about widening the frame and putting in a 200mm harley back wheel and fabricating some fenders and a new sissy bar with a rack.  it took seven months becuase he kept running into problems like, well we’ve put the bigger back wheel in but now the chain dun’t line up!  the spacer and then fitting the casing took a while but it looks great! Continue Reading →

Low budget dream bike



Write about your XS650.: Here it is, my pride and joy. I build it with a friend at Phoenix AZ Motoren in Best in the Netherlands. We had a blast building this thing. I’m pretty technically challenged but I know what looks right. Continue Reading →

psycho freak garage genius culture



Started building in Feb 09 w/ my bro in-law

“My bike build was all about “Cheap ~ Cheap ~ Cheap” but more importantly, I didn’t want it to end up looking all jacked up  and unbalanced. Here’s what I put together:

Finally settled on the TC bros hardtail (black). The lines were fine, the 3″ extension was good for me being over 6ft tall and most importantly, the price was right. I ordered a Mooneyes headlight cover (I’ve got an extra one if anyone is interested) which fit perfectly into the stock 7″ headlight ring. Next is the very early ironhead sportster tank (no paint). Picked it up on ebay for 37 bucks. Continue Reading →

Jose gutierrez ibarra 28000



Este es mi proyecto loco, korajez boober bratstyle xs 653 modelo 1975, desde colima, colima, México
Foto 1: la moto original.
Foto 2: desarmado en 4 hrs solo y sin experiencia.
Foto 3: el chasis
en breve subiré mas fotos del proyecto
Estén al pendiente¡¡¡
Espero comentarios

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loud and hard



Write about your XS650.: Started building my xs in april. i had been doing lots of looking on the kind of bike i wanted to chop and the xs jumped out at me. I started by striping the bike down and having g&l choppers in colorado springs hard tail the frame for me (i wanted it to be right). Continue Reading →

Update XS Bobber



Just a couple pics to show an update on “77 Refurbished

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