my first build


This is a 75 xs i bought off my boy,weld-on amen savior tail,its coming along so far so good.noid-003


  1. frank GRC says:

    i dig it man! looks like you have a good start going

  2. Jon says:

    Just curious where you got that plunger frame? Thanks!

  3. blackwidow says:

    My friend has a frame like that but it has a cb750 engine in it

  4. blackchop says:

    i just cut the plnger stuff off my full amen saviour frame that is for the xs650. going to weld in axle plates instead . cause i never did like the ride of a plunger frame.

  5. crippler 2008 says:

    my buddy has a 750 honda with the amen frame..

  6. dan vaughn says:

    are you going to sell the plungers?