Write about your XS650.: Here it is, my pride and joy. I build it with a friend at Phoenix AZ Motoren in Best in the Netherlands. We had a blast building this thing. I’m pretty technically challenged but I know what looks right.noid-21

Got the engine out of my old bike, wich was a Kawasaki Z750 with a Yamaha XS650 engine and a 19 inch backwheel. I got the frame from a friend for 120 euro’s, about 200 dollars! Hahaha. Made the exhaust from galvanised steel poles, normally used to transport gass to your home from the main line.



Pretty heavy stuff but we had nothing else we could use. Put a XS750 fueltank on, apehanger, made a bracket for the numberplate. Made a springer-seat out of an old motorcycle-spring. Painted it, and there you have it.

One bad-ass chopper.

Tijn Buschman

xs650 Bandana
xs650 mug
xs650 long sleeve
xs650 tanktop