loud and hard


Write about your XS650.: Started building my xs in april. i had been doing lots of looking on the kind of bike i wanted to chop and the xs jumped out at me. I started by striping the bike down and having g&l choppers in colorado springs hard tail the frame for me (i wanted it to be right). then rebuilt the motor, front end, and wheels. got the frame back and started to fab the bike up.did a custom exhaust that i thought would look good. the bike is a blast to ride and was fun as hell to build.






  1. Chris says:

    Wow! Nice 650! Everything about that bike is cool.

  2. Joel Mekolites says:

    great lookig bike can you tell me about the tires u used? what size brand and model?? really like how they look

  3. RevCain says:

    started in april? seems like a quick turn around for such a beautiful bike.

    great job!

  4. kane says:

    110/90 front 110/80 rear and they are a challenger tire.

    thanks guys

  5. josh says:

    nice job man! would love to see it in person.


  6. kane says:

    yeah josh ill bring it to the springs sometime

  7. Jason says:

    are they both 16″ tires? they look identical in size. . .? If so, can I ask where you got the front wheel?

  8. don says:

    what stretch hardtail did you use, really like the look.

  9. kane says:

    i got the tires from a local chopper shop he had them on sale, the stretch is a 5 inch from g&l choppers. i also used there foward controls and like them alot..thanks Rich,you the man

  10. blackwidow says:

    nice bike

  11. HoeyUno says:

    I have fell in ove with the xs650’s..I did not like those apes you have at first but they have grown on me…Well done. At the end of the day if you ever fall victim to kidney disease and need a kidney I will be willing to do a flat out trade… Cheers.