Long Time Comin’


I sit and drool over all the beautiful bikes for hours.

Write about your XS650.: This website is addicting! I sit and drool over all the beautiful bikes for hours.  Thanks for all the inspiration. My Brother and I have been in the custom paint business for years. When there was spare time we liked to stay late at the shop and pretend we were Jesse James or Billy Lane. My brother had an XS650 and turned it into a sweet little bob. We learned more and more about the XS underground and really got excited about them,  He made another one later for a guy and I just had to have one too.noid-xsfab

After much drawing and figuring, I came up with this frame idea. Being 6’8″ I needed to work hard to make it fit me. Not to mention, being an artist I just had to make it different. (weird artists).  I used the down tubes and bottom motor mounts from the original frame and made the rest myself. The seat is a fully adjustable (and very comfortable) suspended set-up I came up with.


250 rear (which with the jackshaft headaches I wish it wasn’t) , 21″ up front. Some harley front end I picked up cheap a while ago. Engine is the 750 kit, with a Boyer Ignition from Mikes.

It’s now nearly all wired up. I wanted to make my own jackshaft that wasn’t merely the pillow-block stuff we all see… but I think I may end up getting one from Ardcore. If there are any other creative options anyone knows of, please let me know.

Thanks Dan Langston


  1. Teebs says:

    First; beautiful frame. I’m surprised with your height you didn’t go for a little more stretch in the tail, was this just an aesthetic choice?

    I would have loved to see this with some stretch to the forks, like a 4 or 6 over would have been awesome.

    Are you going to add some color to break up all of that blue?

    This is going to be a sweet ride. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

  2. chris says:

    what year is it . my brother is building a 72 and can not find a big bore kit for it. thanks chris

  3. Dan says:

    Teebs, thanks for the compliment. I originally thought I would’ve had to stretch this thing like crazy, but I brought the rear back about 10 inches and it’s perfect for me.

    The front end, yes I agree. I love some rake in my bikes. But honestly, I’ve got one now that’s raked and I simply wanted this one to be more nimble. (as nimble as a 250 tire can be I guess)

    Paint, oh yes… paint is what I do best. As soon as this thing proves it’s worth on the road, it will be blessed with a new chemical wardrobe.

  4. Dan says:

    Chris, it’s a 79. Not sure where to fit for the 72… sorry

  5. clint says:

    Hey man nice bike. I’m 6’7″ and just picked up my first XS. I was kind of skeptical about if I’m going to fit so I was just wondering how much stretch your frame has in it to give me an idea of about how much I need. and if you planned on taking any pics of you on the bike so I can see how scrunched up guys our size look on these things.