Frog’s XS

Write about your XS650.:  Long way to finish it but at the end I think i’m really stoked!… Some details to clean but I take my time to do the right thing…
Enjoy and good ride!noid-3


  1. Keith Allibone says:

    Bad ass. What year is it? I like the gauge on the down low like that.

  2. Weed says:

    Nice bike i love it

  3. Ted says:

    I dig this xs and want to see more pictures. It’s crazy how everybody starts with basically the same xs yet every bike ends up with its own character, personality.

  4. Hesh says:

    Who made that hard tail?
    I like that it has little to no stretch, very cool!

  5. Mukes says:

    Who made that hardtail!?