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Coming up with solutions.

xs650 for sale on EBAY now..

This bike has been on here before but not with current pics. I saw an ad for a 82 xs650 on craigslist.  Gave it a call and decided to go take a look.  It was pretty beat, and missing stuff here and there and it didn’t run.  The guy only wanted $300 so it was actually a decent deal.  I slept on it and then called the guy back after a few days.  Turns out this guy (Hillbilly Wicked Choppa) had a jig setup for doing hardtails on the xs650.  I had recently got a mig welder, but wasn’t confident on my skills to attempt a rigid build as my learning experience.  For another small price he would weld on a hardtail for me and i could come pick it up in a week or two.  DEAL!noid-dscf2714
I had told Hillbilly i wanted about a 2″ or less stretch. turned out just perfect.  I brought the rolling frame and the engine home in the back of my pickup.  I had this idea in my head of what i wanted the bike to look like.  It had to look older then it was, it was going to have some copper/brass/gold highlights, and i wanted the paint to be cream in color.  No apes, just something low like drags bars.  Spoke wheels, some variation of a sporty tank and i wanted to shift it like an old post war bike.
The wheels i found by putting out a request at the salvage yard lines.  Guy in the midwest had these TX650 alloy spoked wheels. Need some old looking tires – firestone replicas! Powdered them black myself along with some other bits.  Continuing with the old theme i wanted to hide the 80’s electronics gizmos.  Figured, how cool would it be if i had a faux oil tank to hide them in?  cool, but how do i hide the wires?  how about in copper tubes disguised as oil lines to the fake tank! harder then it looked to run all those wires thru that tube. tank was bought at Target and used to say “flour” on it.


Made the handle bars from some dom tube and found these nos grips on ebay that ended up being more then they were worth, but i’ve never seen another set like ’em.  i think they were for minibikes back in the day. With my “oil tank” i was having issues finding air filters that fit.  Finally discovered a set of K&N’s that fit perfectly. Next was the exhaust.  I wanted the pipes to come out pretty far before they shot down at a 90.  Nobody made anything fitting this description.  So i watched all the header manufacturers on ebay until one listed some mistake bends.  got a box of 12 bends of 304 ss for $20! bought some straight on and started cutting it all up with the chop saw.  bought some stainless wire and welded it all up. It wasn’t perfect.  so i wrapped them up. ended up looking great wrapped up anyway.


Shifter is a piece of 7’8″ dom i bent in my bender and the knob is from a paper towel holder from Lowes. Fancy stuff right? Thats the best part about building a bike – coming up with solutions while your drunk at the shop avoiding the better half. foot clutch was same deal.  drunk holding parts scratching my head.  i was going to have some cable running over some pulleys snake around from the peddle up to the top engine mount then down thru the stock cable hole in the side cover. i even bought the cable and pulleys to do that.  Then i found another way involving a lot less work.  threaded a piece of 1/4″ pipe and stole a shift lever arm from a CB350 ( i think) and welded a piece of tube to the worm gear  mechanism that the stock cable pulls up on.  drilled a hole in that little chrome plastic cover and viola! seat is not done, but function over form i guess. no gauges, no signals, one little HD turn signal converted to a red lens for a tail light, deep 6 the ing cylinder cleverly hide an on/off switch and a momentary switch for the starter in the ends of the bars under the grips.  What else…lp gas valve for a petcock, and i made a stainless brake hose for the front.
went thru 3 Chinese crap batteries, then bought a agm battery made in the USA that has lasted thru all the vibrations.  Got about 2k miles on it since.
Hope you like it.

Thanks Shaun


  1. skr00zloose says:

    diggin it!

    why does that bike look familar though?

  2. Steve says:

    Looks Great !!

  3. Tim says:

    Can you tell us what size these tires and rims are? Like 3.50/18 tire on a 1.85/18 rim?


  4. shawn says:

    great bike, can you email me a close up pic of your foot clutch and let me in on how you ran your clutch cable from the foot control. i have a hardtail xs set up with suicide clutch/jockey shift but your setup looks a whole lot better. xsivie AT

  5. Shaun says:

    there is no cable on the clutch now. I was going to use a cable but changed my mind.

    The tires are 4.0 19″ and 4.5 18″ on 1.85″ by 2.15″ wheels i think. I can read the wheel width anymore.

  6. VonFuct says:

    Yeah, do you have any close up shots of that foot clutch set up? I’m about to start on moving mine from the hand to the foot. Thanks in advance.

  7. Tim says:

    Thx bro

  8. don says:

    might be a dumb question, i just love the look of the wheels. are those the stock rims?

  9. Stevan says:

    This bike was posted on ebay a while back… did it sell? If not, where are you and what are you asking for it?

  10. Shaun says:

    Grips were 1970’s NOS for a minibike.
    The wheels are tx650 alloys. the 650’s had two really sweet spoke wheel designs, and then what i think are ugly mags.
    The spoke wheels with the 3 spokes going one way and then 3 going the other…those are cool too.
    Bike didn’t sell on ebay. Got real close to reserve but didn’t make it. In the mean time my CB750 yoshimura bike got taken of the street to have a new fiberglass tank made for it so since i was down a bike, i’ve been riding the xs a lot more.

  11. Cameron says:

    This Bike still gives me a hard on every time… F@ck’n LOVE IT!!

  12. Climb_on says:

    Is there not a battery? Or am I missing something…
    Is there a link to more pictures of the build? I would love to see how you ran that copper tubing for the wires

    also are you very tall? I love the look of that minimal stretch but I’m not sure if it would be comfortable enough for me being 6’3″ I’m thinking I’m going to end up going with like a 4in

  13. Climb_on says:

    Oh and also what size tires are those? Stock wheels?

  14. mattx2 says:

    dude your a vistionary,

    im doing all i can to get a bike to make it almost like yours with a few alterations.

    also, ive been punching my self over the hardtail. i know you can buy a hard tail but weres the fun in that right? plus the ones ive seen just look akword on the bike and dont really match. i really like the look of yours. do you know exactly the measurements for the tail? the last thing i want to do is bring my frame to someone and have them hardtail it and make it look like an amiture build.


  15. shotgunlarry says:

    The stance one the frame is perfect! Does hillbilly do hairtails for sale?

  16. Mac says:

    is there any chance this bike or one like it is for sale??