Fidlam Ben


Well she’s not done , but shes getting there. Gonna powder coat some stuff and try to figure out why the batt wont stay charged. The best thing i did to this bike was install seat springs.noid-motorcycledec_08_0051



  1. Hesh says:

    How much for that cool trailer in the background?
    That thing is rad!

  2. frank GRC says:

    Hey bro your bike is a form of self expression, you built it the way you wanted, the way you invisioned it, and did all that with a huge smile and lots of hard work,and ocasionally some blood. Not every one has access to metal working tools, that being said i think struts was a great idea for the price and look of it, its great. You might want to check that the brushes on the stator are clean then check the rotor for the same, i have had bikes that sat up and that is all it is, just a thought. awesome work bro Frank GRC