different taillights


Thought everyone would get a kick out od these tail lights, the one is a flash light from the fifties, the other one is an old ford piston arm. noid-dsc05269



Frank GRC


  1. Hesh says:


  2. Joe Johnson says:

    I love that Ford piston arm tail light! very cool!

  3. Tebo says:

    See? Everybody’s got a different take on things. My vote would’ve gone to the road lantern. It goes with the rest of the ‘random’ stuff. Having a connecting rod for a chain tensioner and a taillight makes it look like a “theme”. Almost looks post-apocalyptic in a good way(?) LOL. As unique as its builder. T.

  4. El Rico says:

    very cool, good idea

  5. frankk GRC says:

    ” post-apocalyptic ” hahahaha that is actually a huge compliment, i am a zombie movie freak, so i love every thing post-apocalyptic !!!!!!!!!

  6. tucker says:

    That’s what it all about!!!find it and make it work!!!1