Black Mantis! is it a bobber, chopper, bratstyle. I just call it mine!!


Write about your XS650.:  Purchased this stock and running 1982 xs650, but needing some TLC and a diet. took me about 3-4 weeks to get it to where i was ready to ride it, and about 2 months to get it to where it is right now which leaves me about 85% satisfied with it. When i can scrounge up a few more dollars for some wheels, levers, gauges, more paint, and a nice bright and shiny chrome front end than i can say it will be complete. noid-11
All the work was done by me, including fabricating a fiberglass seat pan, foaming, and sewing up the seat, which has a nice gel insert (took me several attempts to get it where it is now and i am still not completely happy but it’s my best work so far.




Don Russ


  1. Keith Allibone says:

    Cool carb covers.

  2. usa5913 says:

    Sweet lookin scoot. I am interested in the front end, if you get rid of it.

  3. Don Russ says:

    Yea i do plan on getting a different front end (forks, trees), wheels (up in the air about spoked wheels or just some really nice chrome wheels), exhaust (2 into 1 from mikes), forward controls, hydraulic clutch, a similar looking but really sturdy rear fender so that i can slap on a removable seat for a passenger every now and than. i don’t think i will ever finish this bike. lol.

  4. Brian says:

    Great effort, did you do much to the original frame to get it to what it is now?

  5. Don Russ says:

    i bent the sent rails down to give it a sleeker look, grind off most of the unneeded brackets, cut the rear loop section of the frame where the stock seat rested, welded in a support, to keep things sturdy, and that was about it for the frame. My latest mods include a hydraulic clutch, and the addition of mirrors. My next mods will be sprockets to make it better on the highway.

  6. Barney says:

    I would call it a brat. Nice bike but the tail light is a little much for my taste.

  7. Fabbastard says:

    Looks like a fun bike (great lines) but ya don’t give up your day job in favor of a carear in upholstery. I’m not going to either! lol