Almost done with “myrtle”


Write about your XS650.: Hey guys this is the bike that I have been building since April.  When I bought her I knew hardly anything about motorcycles, but I am very good with my hands so. I bought it as a box of parts off of craigslist and pieced everything else together.


Right now all I need to do is tune the carbs I just bought. then shes done. yeesss. pretty impressive for a first time garage build if I must say so. here are some pics of it along with some video.

Thanks sam mann


  1. Tebo says:

    Great! Nice & simple. It makes me think there’s hope for my basket case ’75. I dig the red rims. Who did your handtail? Makes it look “dangerous”. LOL Tebo

  2. BODON says:

    I love the way the bike looks and sounds!

  3. norm younger says: