1971 xs bobber


Write about your XS650.: This bike has been put together so far without spending any money. I got a parts pike for free, took what i needed for my xvs650 bobber. Gave the rest to my friend who wanted to swap frames while he cleaned and painted his stocker. I talked him into trying to make a hard tail from the free frame.noid-pic_3344
Having a very limited budget (zero) we set about it with the sawzall. Got some tubing from somewhere, cut it, bent it, cut it some more and welded it up.  we chose to make life easier and retain the swingarm but welded gussets to the frame to stiffen it all up.

he got the rear wheel / tire and gas tank for free. the seat i found on an old excersise bike.  hope to have this on the road real soon.
last pic is my xvs 650, just found the seat at the dump on another old excersise bike.

Thanks  lee


  1. Keith Allibone says:

    Ahhh…an old xs like mine..sweet.

  2. jamie says:

    rad bike man, love how your rockin’ the front drum

  3. norm younger says:

    Nice bikes.