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my first build



This is a 75 xs i bought off my boy,weld-on amen savior tail,its coming along so far so good. Continue Reading →

New T-Shirt Are In!


New T-shirts finally came yesterday..


The new T-shirts came in yesterday and I’m super stoked at how they turned out.  The print quality came out excellent and the T-shirt fit is perfect. I buy a lot of black T-shirts and only about a quarter of them actually fit good.  I’m glad I decided to go with premium quality Tees.  The lettering on the shirt graphic was based off Derek from Mulligan machines earlier logo he did for the site. (Thanks Derek) I enlisted the help of Dwight a pro-Illustrator & Graphic Designer from Canada. I really dig Dwight’s style and he really understood what I was going for with the design. Check out his lowbrow illustrations on his blog. I gave Dwight the general idea of the illustration I had in mind and after a few tweaks to his sketches it was perfect. What do you guys think? Let me know by buying one or two! I’ve had guys e-mail and offer to make a donation to the site (which I appreciate) but I thought I’d give capitalism a try first.  So, support capitalism, support the project and get a sweet shirt. I think that’s a pretty good deal.
Click here to order your shirt.


Click here to order your shirt.

Pangea pulverizer part 2



Decided that the road was calling

Hello, my name is Andy carter, my home is salt lake city Utah. A few of you have probably seen the first installment of the “pangea pulverizer”. I thought i would talk a little about  how i got into all this stuff.
Growing up my parents owned a rapid prototyping / industrial design company named metropolis design.  I grew up working at metropolis design. We had a machine shop, welding gear, wood shop, and pretty much any other tool imaginable right there at our fingertips. That being said my brother and i had allot of really good opportunities to build some cool stuff. Continue Reading →

“Rat Race” by Cannonball Custom Cycles


Write about your XS650.:  This bike was built for my good friend Taylor.
It started out as a stock 1979 xs650, I cut it up and welded on a TCbros hardtail.  Took the stock wheels and powder coated them black, wrapped those in some avon whitewalls.


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TROUBLE – PSALM 9 Live 1982 on a cable show. It LIVE! at 3.00 in is the DOOMMMM.

Here are some good ones.





1979 vintage flat track inspired



Sportster forks mounted with Fz750 triples(lower triple clamp inverted to allow lowering without losing all fork travel). FZR1000 front disc and caliper. Rear caliper has been inverted, 520 chain conversion and 36mm Mikuni VMs. Continue Reading →