Month: July 2009

New T-Shirt Are In!

New T-shirts finally came yesterday.. The new T-shirts came in yesterday and I’m super stoked at how they turned out.  The print quality came out excellent and the T-shirt fit is perfect. I buy a lot of black T-shirts and...

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Pangea pulverizer part 2

Decided that the road was calling Hello, my name is Andy carter, my home is salt lake city Utah. A few of you have probably seen the first installment of the “pangea pulverizer”. I thought i would talk a little...

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TROUBLE – PSALM 9 Live 1982 on a cable show. It LIVE! at 3.00 in is the DOOMMMM. Here are some good ones. justins-bratstyle-xs650-bobber/ yamaha-xs650-bobber-the-fong-bros/ its-all-in-the-details/...

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