Write about your XS650.: About two years ago i picked up an XS, as seen on the first picture.. “Dirty Harry” was written on the tank..
My plan was to make a bike with no resemblance to any other bike I have seen before… well then.. see for yourselves…..


Some specs:
– The hardtail was done by “Metalshaper”, a guy that eats metal for breakfast!
– Modified gas-tank is from a Zundapp Hai
– Bicycle suspension for the seat
– GPZ500 front fork
– Suzuki two-leading shoe break
– Oil-can as electric-housing
– Rear fender from a dirt bike (cr500 I thought)
– Footsteps from a dirt bike
– Home-made exhausts
– Air-intake home-made with a little help from IKEA
– Cool Hella headlight



Thanx to the guys from www.chopperstyle, I was able to build this bike! (parts/advice/supporting words)



  1. Larry Cuts says:

    WTF are you smoking ? Elephant tranquilizers dipped in mercury ? You ruined a proper looking motorbike. That first bike had class

  2. Larry Cuts says:

    Well put, Check out my trike “Larrys 3 wheel goodness” and take the gum outta yer mouth Class is in session,note the absents of squiggly gay exhaust pipes,and queer short fork.

  3. Teebs says:

    What am I supposed to say? You want a pat on the head? It looks good… for a trike. And I might have almost taken you seriously, until I scrolled down to see you “striking a pose” En-Vogue-style in front of the cookie-cutter ’70s chop with the sweet 2 up and bobtail fender … oh, and look, it even has a coffin tank… imagine my surprise. Did it take a lot of effort to come up with that amazingly unique color scheme?

    Do you get those flashes of creativity often? Yeah, you must, I mean look at the not just ONE but TWO sporty fenders in those pics, and a sporty tank too. AND Maltese crosses? Picture frames on one and Z bars on the other… Whoa, you’re really pushin’ the envelope, Larry. Take it easy now, you’re going too far…

    THEN, you raked the neck and extended the forks!? Well, you’re like the da Vinci of chops, Larry! I bet, since you came up with it, it’s gonna catch on like wild fire!

    Ummmm… are you catchin’ the sarcasm here?

    BTW, the 2 up on your trike looks like a spent condom.. you need to fire your upholstery guy…

    Coming from a guy standing in front of a house with T-111 for siding, a gutter just hanging there with no end cap or downspout, a couple of pallets of bricks sitting there, an exposed pump and a cock-eyed light fixture, I’m not sure the word “afford” should enter into your end of the conversation.

    Finally, as a guy with class, I’m sure you know that the word you were looking for was “absence”. Damn that spell-check, anyway… eh, Larry? lol

  4. Ted says:


    Teebs not that I mind but if you drop the F bomb my CMS software flags your comment as spam and then I got to approve ext.

    “Elephant tranquilizers dipped in mercury?”
    HAhahahahah……. WTF.. LOL…..

  5. scheffers says:

    “Now the second bike, to me, is what chopping is all about. It ain’t pretty but that bitch has character in spades. The chop isn’t afraid to be itself, and I guarantee it won’t meet it’s twin anywhere out on the road. Besides, how the hell can you not dig those pipes!?

    Thanks mate ;), that’s what this bike is about!

  6. Teebs says:

    lol Sorry Ted.

    Larry’s an arrogant jerk. He’s OK in my book.

    But no f-bomb? It’s fascism, pure (supply your own expletive) fascism.

  7. Teebs says:

    lol I knew you’d love that fascism remark.

  8. Larry Cuts says:

    Shutup Bitch and getta bike

  9. Teebs says:

    lol I rest my case.

  10. scheffers says:

    hahaha Americans, gotta love’m!!

  11. Teebs says:

    There’s a certain Dutchman who needs an American boot in his ass…

  12. BillyBobba says:

    My guess is the aussie’s take a similair puzzled view on some American culture as the Dutch do.

  13. frank GRC says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i thought teebs just didnt like me,seems he doesnt like a whole lot of things. Ted your the man

  14. El Gaucho says:

    WTF is Larry smokin? I DON’T want any of that! BTW, I saw the “3 wheel goodness”. Nice sarcastic title. That thing looks like a Yugo humped a moped and that was the baby.