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Write about your XS650.: I purchased my 1981 Special on Ebay for a whopping $300! And less than a month later had the complete roller assembled and ready for the engine.  This is when I realized that this must have been a “parts” bike.  And not WORKING parts at that!noid-img_5978b

Still… A total investment of $2100 got me to where I am today.   Not shown in the pics are brand new Firestone Replica tires from Coker Classics which complete the image.  Total investment after tires is $2350.


I have a $10,000 Cruiser that hasn’t moved from the garage since I got this thing running.  If that tells you anything…  🙂


Thanks David Roy


  1. Ted says:

    @ David,Your bike turned out great man. I remember seeing it in one of the boards awhile back. You took some cool pictures to and that houses is crazy. Is it yours? Is that last picture a solarium? I built something similar to that a few years ago when I was a carpenter. Anyways, thanks for sending in the pics.

  2. David Roy says:

    Hi Ted, And thanks for the great comments! The build was a real blast and I intend to piece together a couple more soon as time allows.

    The structure in the background is a “closed” Razoos location here in Austin, Texas. It’s been abandoned for close to two years, but the property owners somehow manage to maintain the landscaping meticulously.

    It’s a GREAT backdrop for photos!

  3. Steve says:

    Very Cool !!

  4. Larry Cuts says:

    I likes the headlight, is it a limy repop or what ? I dont go for those goofy lookin sprung seats tho, What happenned to the fender ? musta flew off on the way to the photo shoot eh? Ha Ha,seriously the bike has nice lines, like Ive said before so many of these xs machines are butchered by hacks or have a sameness to them.If you did the work yourself, how many feet of tubin did you use when backhalfin the frame ? I found a nearby supply house that stocks dom tubing. Im also not sure about what wall size to ask for. Buyin a prefab rearsection is NOT an option,any help would be appreciated.

  5. David Roy says:


    Thanks for the comments! The light came from American Legends at http://www.legendmcs.com Their site is a little antiquated, but the guys at A.L. are eager to deal with new customers and went out of their way to make sure I received what I was expecting.

    The tail section is indeed pre-fabbed. It’s a TC Brothers. If I had it to do over again… They would be my FIRST phone call! Quality of workmanship and materials is excellent and fast – fast shipping.

    Is there a reason you can’t use a pre-fab?

    Ps. Yes… I performed all the assembly work myself. Oxy-acetylene bottles, 220 amp Miller stick welder, Saw-Zaw, etc…

    Thanks again!

  6. Hesh says:

    Cool and clean!

  7. zach says:

    this is one of my favorites i’ve seen on the site so far. well done!

  8. David Roy says:

    Thank you very much Zach. I was very pleased how well the bike went together. I can’t wait to build the next one…

  9. BillyBobba says:

    Nice looking ride, tidy finish, but seriously mate, no rear mudguard or front brakes, dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb

  10. chad jessee says:

    hey man love the bike its perfect,,,couple questions for you,,,i wana do a 21 inch front wheel,,,did you have to get an axle made for the harley wheel or whats the process,,,,,aloso is that a sportster tank and what yr if ya know,,any other info ya got would beawsome,,im just fixing to start mine,,,thanks man email me at hilomx6@charter.net if ya dont care

    names chad

  11. Jeramie says:


    Curious, both my father and i have been building and playing with 650’s for the past few years, we are in the process of customizing my 77, and have been searching for a set of handle bars like the ones you are using, did you custom make those or purchase them fabbed?

    I plan to post pictures and info on the build process on this site as we progress through this build, should be riding it by end of August. the entire motor has been rebiult and the frame cut and welded ridged. Doing a retro copper colour and black on the bike. Looking for diagrams on re-lacing the wheels as the rims and hubs are being powder coated in the rustic copper and brand new black spokes, any info on re-lacing and where you obtained the handler bars would be helpful.

    you may contact me directly at: jeramielewis@yahoo.ca

  12. David Roy says:

    Thanks for all the great comments guys!

    The handlebars: Believe it or not… I fabricated those from the original buffalo’s that were on the bike when I got it. I just cut and welded them together until I ordered some Clubmans. Liked ’em so much that I just saved my $ and went with it.

    I’ll try to dig up some pics, but I don’t think I took any of the handlebars because like I said… I didn’t intend on actually USING them.

    Funny how our mistakes and quick fixes sometimes work out like this.

  13. Johnny Rydell says:

    David, are you looking to sell this bike?

  14. Johnny Rydell says:

    Call me if so. 631-981-1111

  15. castironmeyer says:

    Great bike what a bobber should be!

  16. norm younger says:

    Very nice.Nice classic lines.