My two loves put together!!


Parts laying everywhere!

Write about your XS650.: This bike started as a barn junker but the good news was it only had 6500 original miles!! I slowly but surely tore it apart piece by piece until I had a pile of parts laying everywhere! with the help of the web, a buddy to hold a part now and then while i welded (burnt their and some of my favorite refresment, I made what you see today.


This is my first attempt at a bobber and after I spilled that beverage all over the tank after I tripped on my drop cord one time, when it came to deciding a color, It just HAD TO HAPPEN! All work, fabrication, and paint, were done by yours truly and I have to say, for a first time builder I am quite happy with the results. I had a great time building this bike, and after winning 1st place in the first show i ever took it to, I hope to build another shortly.




  1. RevCain says:

    did i see this at a show in abingdon a couple months ago?

  2. Brad says:

    you sure did! Razors edge rally Washington county fairgrounds

  3. blackwidow says:

    Man I love this bike it reminds me so much of mine. Where did you get that front tire at.. I am have a heck of a time finding another

  4. Brad says:

    It came from dennis kirk 80.00 if I recall correctly. I have since bought two more so I am sure they are still carrying them.

  5. blackwidow says:

    thanks Brad I’ll call and check because they don’t show them on the website

  6. Brad says:

    no problem, I got them from the catalog but the part number is 54-1104 you can call the 800 number and just give them that number and they can look them up for you, I also did not see them on the website but they are still listed in their new catalog!

  7. blackwidow says:

    I called them and they said they are no longer in stock. I’ve called a lot of company’s and nobody has them tires. They were discontinued about 6 months back so probably gonna have to run a blackwall.

  8. Brad says:

    have you checked ebay? sorry for the dead end on the dennis kirk……..I thought I had you hooked up for a second! good luck finding what you need though!

  9. Chris says:

    Very nice bike you’ve built. Love the style. Is the hardtail from a company or did you fab it?

  10. blackwidow says:

    Thats what I’ve been checking brad so I’m gonna keep my eye open on that one hopefully I find something

  11. Brad says:

    Chris, as much as I would love to say yes, no I ordered it from kansas Kustoms, those guys are super friendly and put out a QUALITY product with a nice THICK walled pre fabbed tail. If you are going to order one BE SURE you check the wall thickness of the tail you are getting! Some companies are making them so thin they are flat out DANGEROUS! Happy Chopping,

  12. Chris says:

    Nice bike what size rear wheel are you running, mine came stock with a 18″ rear wheel and cant find a white wall tire.

  13. Ted says:

    @ Chris
    You’re going to have a hard time finding a white wall for a stock 18″ rear wheel.
    Best bet is to switch to the 16 inch.

  14. Chris says:

    I was thinking about sending my hubs to buchanans and have the front hub done 21×1.85 and the rear done 16×3.50. then I could get some avon white walls.

    Do you think the rear tire will fit? What tires do you have? I would assume that the hubs are the same on stock 16″ and 18″ wheels, so my new rear rim would look the same as your rear wheel just a 1/2″ wider.

  15. RUSTY RIDER says:

    Hey every one, read all the comments, here are my 2 not-so-shiny pennies.

    I chopped a 79, 16 inch spoke rear and 19 front. got my maxis classic thick white walls from J&P they were 80ish a piece. Got my hardtail from KansasKustoms, and had to modify my axle to fit. They size the hard tail for “stock” yamaha parts, but for some reason cut the axle plate for a Harley axle. go figure. So I just machined .020 flat on one side the axle, to get the right .757 dia. That said, the Quality is AWESOME and it look great.

    Brad, where did you get your rear fender? I have been killing myself to find the “right ” one.