Metalho’s 81 XS Bar Hopper


I had a seriously good time building this bike

Metalho: Started this build in October of 08. Had just an engine to begin with and hired the skills of Joe Wise Guys Choppers to hardtail a frame for me. Ass end has a 4″ stretch, 2″ stretch to the back bone, 36 deg rake, 21″ HD front wheel, stock 18″ xs rear. No engine modifications other than re-jetting custom pipes and new carb parts for the old BS 34’s. Did all work myself except for frame mods. You can see the entire build on 2009 BBO thread under my user name of metalho.


Motor was bought from someone who had wrecked the bike, the doner came off a bike that was cafed and it runs to well not to have been modified. Prob has been re-jetted, I ran stock head pipes cut at 35″ and necked up to 2″. This is my first real build and Im happy with the way the bikes turning out, no way in hell I could have built this without the online help of the guys on The Chopper Underground, thanks guys!!! Now Im hooked.




Ted: How does it handle with the springer front?

The springer hadles great, turns fantastic and stays on the road.

Ted: I hear you were the winner at TCU 2009 BBO. That’s pretty cool.

The TCU BBO was all on line on The Chopper Underground site. About 35 people started bikes, but I believe there was only about a half dozen that finished on time.

Ted: So, do you have plan to do another XS650 already?

Yes, another XS in the works but cant reviel what the plans are, TOP SECRET! LOL.

I had a seriously good time building this bike, and the friends Ive made in the process has been great.

Thanks for lookin man!
Cory. AKA Metalho’s


  1. Teebs says:

    Beautiful chop with a great stance. Gotta love the springer. I’ve been lurking over at TCU for quite a while now and was watching this build. Glad you’re showing it off over here. Awesome ride, brother.

  2. Steve says:

    A Great looking bike !!!

  3. Blacksmithbilly says:

    Nicely done Cory……all the neat details!
    Congrats on your first build, and I am sure it won’t be the last.

  4. metalho says:

    Thanks Billy, no way in hell I could have even finished without all you good guys on TCU. Thanks again man, and your right, got two more in the garage and just cant pick one to start on, LOL……….

  5. dklassen says:

    Some of the project bikes frankly look a little on the smallish side. Been looking at ideas for my XS bobber project. The 4″ stretch, 2″ stretch to the back bone, 36 deg rake and the 21″ wheel perfectly proportions the bike.

    Nicely done!

  6. metalho says:

    dklassen, that was the prob I was having also looking at stock rake and some of the weld on hardtails. Was gonna go with 5″ of stretch to the tail but was warned about chain slap. Ive got another frame and motor with paperwork and plan on setting myself up with a jig and welding up my own hardtail next time around. But I have to be honest, Ill just be copying Joe Wise Guys (this frame) because he really did nail it.

  7. Bo says:

    Where did you get the springer frontend? I’ve trying to find one but wasn’t sure even what would fit.

  8. dklassen says:

    Do you mind me asking what the frame work by Wise cost?

  9. metalho says:

    Well, you should give Marvin a call at Joe Wise Guys Choppers. He builds a correct and safe frame, the bike will sit and ride like it should.

  10. dklassen says:

    Thanks, got it worked out. Also, where did you get the springer frontend? I’m looking for the same.

  11. metalho says:

    That would be a DNA, 2″ overstock.

  12. dklassen says:

    Excellent, thanks. Talked to Wise and I’m sourcing parts. The fun begins as long as the money holds out.

  13. blackwidow says:

    On that springer did you stay with 7/8s bars or did you go up to 1″??

  14. Rudeboy says:

    When you streched the back bone , did you have to lengthen the down tubes as well?

  15. Wally says:

    That’s gettin’ it done man, way nice job!

  16. blackchop says:

    cool ride now hurry up and get another one done. you know the addiction has settled in. theres no turning back now.

  17. Idaho chad says:

    super sick bike, keep up the good work! but damn, did you take the pics at the old folks home? haah!!

  18. Darrel says:

    What happened to the youtube video you had posted of the bike?