Write about your XS650.: This is my XS650. It is a 1981H. I have not cut on it yet because this is my first bike(EVER!!!). I needed to learn to ride it before making it super cool. I spray bombed the tank and headlight bucket and added cool old school emblems. I cut the pipes and a buddy welded on the turnouts. Sounds real nice. I ditched the front fender and added new blinkers.




I lowered the front and rear a little. I added pod filters from Mikes XS. I have made some struts for it, but I haven’t put them on for good yet. I also made a cool kicker pedal for it. I plan on cutting the frame this winter. I got the bike cheap. It looked nice when I got it. Motor was painted black, cool rear tail light and fender(late 70’s). I get to see a lot of nice XS650’s almost every day. They give me lots of ideas of what I want to do with mine. This site helps also. Any suggestions would be great.

Thanks for the great site!!

Jason Howard

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