I’m hoping a proper custom will evolve from this rat

Write about your XS650: Yeah its all about stayin busy and flyin up and down the road ona ratty death machine. Me I’m greedy, I prefer 5 motorbikes one for each day of the work week than One sunshine Sally.I feel the same way about females. Im keepin it simple on this one cause. After seein all the piss poor attemps at customizen the XS I had to go in a different direction on this one. Since the xs helped Murder the Triumph/Bsa/Norton I went for a british style semi/chop. Keepin the budget as low as possible I used parts Ive been draggin around for the last 10+ yrs. 16in rear rim, +8 on the cb750 tubes BSA taillight, flat fender doin its thing hidin the coils/doublin as side covers. Primered Special features include banged up sporty tank acts as a warning that the owner of this bike just might stab you . This is the first stage of the bike, shakedown. Im hoping a proper custom will evolve from this rat I mean the kind that even walt disneys cryogenicly pickled cranium would be proud of. Only time will tell.





xs650 Bandana
xs650 tanktop
xs650 long sleeve
xs650 mug