Write about your XS650.: Picked this basket case up for $150. like a retard i bought a triumph hardtail and tried to make it fit, ended up cuttin it in half, changing everything about it, much easyer to have just made one from scratch.  triumph rear hub laced to a harley 16″ rim.  Honda cb front rim with finned aluminum hub. i machined an upper tripple clamp outa some aluminum, cut and re tunned the wassel tank, made a seat pan from scratch, bough a way overpriced ebay fender, then cut it in half, and reshaped it with a planishing hammer.


made the forward controls with the stock pegs and some leftover tubing from the hardtail mods. the brake linkage took forever, stock pedal, custom rods, hiem ends and links made from scrap outa stainless.  made the tailling from scratch, using a 53 chevy lens. finned side cover came from a sacraficed oil pan off a bbc boat motor. the alternator cover was made from an odd finned valve cover.


Lots shit on this bike was done with no money just a shitload of time. the paint is unfinished, i planned to add patterns and lace over top of the candy blue and silver flake but ended up selling the bike.  I was broke.

xs650 tanktop
xs650 long sleeve
xs650 mug
xs650 Bandana