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Write about your XS650: Rumbling sound of a Ford V8, and a man walks through the smoke, from the exhaust. In his hand is a Torch, and by his side is a welder. He has been alive since, the first Blacksmiths; and has been working with chassis, since the Model T. And his motto is, If it works than its going to be works. Blacksmith Chassis Works and we serve the Everyday Bad Ass Joe. We like to live, like we are in the 50s, Chop and Weld like we are in the 60s, and make dreams/imagination reality as did the 70s, with a little spice of the 80s. But you can find a little of every year, in us; as long as its Old School.  A Mastermind, by the Name of birth Charles Keely; but with the name of choice Swamp Keely; has been in the Custom World his whole life. Becoming Nuclear Certified in the 80s for welding, Painting in the Custom World since the late 60s; everything from Pinstripes, Stripes to Flames, and been a mechanic since he had a bicycle, and got his first car when he was 15. noid-dsc05453

Its time to give the people what they need, said Old man Swamp. ; An affordable old school creation, because people came to think that you need money to be old school. Wrong!! said Swamp; If you can buy a new motorcycle, you can buy 4 of my Bobbers. See its all about look, reliability, and practical ability; and thats what I will give you. That old School Look, That over 100 mpg, and that bike that wont break down when you need to be somewhere; and is 100% Street Legal. Blacksmith Chassis Works is here to serve the future; and to give to the people. In this world it isnt about who has the most money; its about whom, what, and where. And while Im here on earth, Im going to continue to breathe in smoke and air, and exhale Choppers, Bobbers, Hot Rods, Classics, and eye turners.  And if you think you have it, or if you think you want it youre wrong! because its standing in front of you, and your doing nothing about it.

Blacksmith Chassis Works

You can buy this Yamaha XS650 on Ebay!


  1. Teebs says:

    Well, since Blacksmith Chassis Works is using this forum as an advertising venue, I won’t feel too bad about a little criticism.

    First, everything is well done. The welds are solid looking, the paint is clean, the metal is shiny.

    I actually like the paint on the Copperhead bike. It’s kind of cool. But that Wolverine bike… there’s a reason why Marvel doesn’t dress Wolverine up in his spandex unitard anymore… it’s gay. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) And the other bike well… it’s turquoise, nuff said.

    Those side covers are ugly. (You know you were thinking it.)

    I’m looking at the three bikes and thinking “cookie-cutter.” BCW has taken a production bike and morphed it into another production bike with options… different paint scheme, your choice of tank and seat, sissy bar or no sissy bar.

    They’re shiny, and I’m sure they’ll sell, but between the side covers and the tangle of wires/cables hanging around the tank… and their utter SAMENESS they seem completely soulless. Like the children in Village of the Damned.

    With a starting bid of $3000 on ebay, I’m curious to see how much these go for (no bids as of now.)

    Incidentally, should I really care that “Swamp” Keely is nuclear certified? It’s a 650, I don’t really see “meltdown” or “radiation contamination” in my future. Unless of course there’s a mini fusion reactor hiding behind those side covers? Now that would be original.

    My disclaimer: I won’t apologize for anything I say. I will say that it’s just my opinion. If you read my other posts on here you’ll see that my comments are rarely negative.

    Between the template bikes and cheesy spiel, I guess I got a little annoyed. Like the rest of you I come here to see what guys have cooking in their garage, or to see some really cool one-off bikes, not to look at ads for the 2009 Yamaha V-Star Lite.

  2. Hans from Holland says:

    NeXSt elections in the US is in four years isn’t it?
    Teebs, your my man. You get my vote.

  3. Ted says:

    Teebs, No need for the disclaimer all points of view and opinions on this site are welcome and would never ask for a apologize for stating your opinion. Zero censorship here (except spam)…. The Wolverine Bike isn’t particularly my cup of tea either but everybody’s got their own style. I think the bike would not look half bad if he got rid of that Huge electrical box.

  4. Teebs says:

    Says the man with the badass ride. Thanks, brother.

    Back 2 BasiXS is something else, man. Absolutely love it.

  5. Teebs says:

    You’re right about the Huge electrical box, without it the bike wouldn’t look half bad. My main complaint really is that these bikes are made from a template, and when these three sell, he’ll make three more that look just like them. There is no love here. No passion for the bike. Nothing unique or standout about them. They’re just THERE.
    And for that price a person would be smarter to go by some other production bike, like a V Star Classic for $6k, or better yet, a used one on ebay for even less money. (There’s a 2002 V Star 650 with only 15k miles on ebay right now, and the current bid is only $2k. HURRY! Only 40 minutes left!) lol

  6. shawn says:

    those electrical boxes are redonkulous…if i wanted a stock headlight chain guard and so on i’d buy a stock xs and not touch it at all! better ride and better looking than these in my opinion…