xs 650 with ultima 250 softail frame


This is a ultima 250 softail i was going to build and use the harley drive train.i decided  to go with something different and i could afford so i got a 1976 xs 650 from a guy,and went from there making different motor mounts,and so on plus i just was wanting a bike no one less would have, the bike is coming to life,i used hok candy green paint and airbrushed skullz in the paint,the frame has been powder coated black,all hd controls, hand controls and forward controls.the bike doesnt like to much of being finished just making my jackshaft for the final drive and few other small things,should be done with it in another week or so,its been long process but feels good to know that you built it yourself and there want be many other ultima frames with xs 650 motor.



Thanks Chad


  1. BLACK WIDOW says:

    awesome is all I can say

  2. Howard says:

    You should sale the brackets you made for this ultima frame. I would buy a set and I bet alot of other people would too.

  3. Tony says:

    That is awesome! and i second that on the brackets !!! ANY UPDATED PICS ???

  4. norm younger says:

    Unbelieveable. Awesome looking bike. Great job.

  5. larocco says:

    couldnt get pics of my bike that has 250 on the rear posted even after it was finished nice job brother