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There was a little spike in traffic last time I tried this; so, why not try it again.

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Help spread the word and get more XS650 pic’s to enjoy. Know anyone with a 650 that hasn’t gotten around to sending in pics to the site. Take a minute and send them a quick message.

  • Just click on any post and at the bottom click on the share and bookmark this button.


  • A drop-down menu will appear. Click on the send e-mail icon.
  • Then just fill out a quick form and it send.


  • It’s a super quick way to help spread the message and get some more XS650 Chopp’s coming in.
  • So please take a minute and send a quick message to one of your bro’s. Don’t wait for others to do it, take some initiative and help grow the site.


Hear are several posts to check out.

Frankenstien XS650 pulled out of the local grave yard.
Hi, my name is Josh, I work at G&L Choppers and this is my personal XS650 chopper.
Yet another radical xs650 by the Ardcore chopper crew..
3 Times A Charm…. This xs 650 started out at a swap meet, on a trailer that I scored for $300!
Sky Perry sent in some updated pictures of his xs650 Dropseat Air-ride Chopper.
Proud owner of a beautiful Yamaha XS650!

    xs650 tanktop
    xs650 Bandana
    xs650 mug
    xs650 long sleeve