Uhh xs650 chop of course


Chained to a tree with a for sign on it.

Write about your XS650.: Here is a few chitty pics of my pos.  Driving home from work one day I seen this 73 tx log chained to a tree with a for sign on it.  I ended up getting it for a hundred bucks.  I drug it home and got it running, then proceeded to tear it apart.  I built the hardtail section adding 2″ of stretch to it.  I used 1 1/8 tube for the hardtail.  I took the tube and had a local shop bend me 3  bends from it.  I used them for the upper and lower rails around the tire then with the last u bend i cut and split it to use under the seat area.  The rear axle plate is fixed, so to adjust chain tension I built a tower with a slotted hold to adjust the skateboard wheel to adjust the chain.  The rear wheel and forks are from a mid 90’s zx6.  The front wheel is a 19″ rim from a Suzuki Vstrom.  Tank was made by Pabatco. which supplied Hodaka with aftermarket parts.  


This was a trials tank.  I changed the fill and mounts and relocated the petcock.  The license plate is mounted on a detent cabinet hinge.  I went through the top end, 50mm oversize pistons, new guides and valves and a Shell cam.  It has 34mm round slides on it.  I have a Gary Poh offset sprocket to clear the 180 tire.  The first year i had it on the road i had reversed the clutch actuator to the outside of the cover to clear the new offset sprocket-it was always very hard to release the clutch-over that winter I had Blacksmith Billy modify my side cover to accept a Honda VFR hydraulic clutch actuator-by far the best thing I did to that bike.  I run a nicad pack for the battery that I had Interstate Batteries build for me.  It has held up well for a couple years now.  That about sums it up-oh yeah-the seat aint it aint anywhere near being comfy.


Thanks Jason Crooks


  1. Steve says:

    Great looking bike …

  2. sKiZo says:

    Amazin’ piece of engineering. The hard tail treatment is one of the cleanest I’ve ever seen – the lines just flow front to back. I’m making notes on the clutch actuator conversion right now. Seems the bogie wheel for the drivechain would also take up any slack at the front sprocket and take the fear out of cracking a case if you go up an extra tooth or two. And ya, that seat looks painful …

  3. BLACK WIDOW says:

    Thats an amazing bike I would kill to ride it once

  4. chad says:

    nice looking chop you got there

  5. BillyBobba says:

    Great refined tidy work, the thought of sliding through the gap between the seat and wheel makes me puke!!!

  6. BLACK WIDOW says:

    you got that right billybobba

  7. HDear says:

    Really like the flow of the frame. Nicely done!

  8. Rusty Nutz says:

    Clean lines in the rear end. Clean lines all over for that matter. It definitely makes a strong statement.

  9. Jonathon D says:

    very awesome bike! love it

  10. Jonathon D says:

    What did you have to do to fit the zx forks on the bike? Looks awesome

  11. Rob Ward says:

    Hey , thats a hell of a bike. I work for Interstate Batteries and i would sure like to see a good picture of the battery pack.
    Thanks ahead if you can do it.

  12. Voodude says:

    Very nice build, but the seat would make any plumber cringe.

  13. eyebmx says:

    Very nice. I too am concerned about the seat and the tire…..ouch. Love the colors and how clean all of it looks. Those have to be 2003+ forks though, ZX6 didnt have inverted forks on the 6’s till that year (I had an 03 ZX636 and the rim is identical too)

  14. Masterhall says:

    I saw this thing at the Capital City Cycle show earlier this year. All i can say is this thing is the trophy of clean clean clean!!!!!!!!!! Amazing!!!!!!!!!!! Does look tiny next to all of those big twins sitting around it but stood out and got the looks better then the cookie cutter clack and chrome you see at every show.

  15. norm younger says:

    I love the blacked out motor.

  16. FUBR says:

    LOVE this bike. I recently had an idea in my head and I started to put it on paper and do some research. Then I came across this bike. What was in my sick head was this bike to a T. Except for the tank I have an old rapido tank for ot. Anyways, I would love to pick the builders brain for a few minutes. If anyone knows this guys please have him contact me.