Write about your XS650.:  This bike is my initial build using a scheme I came up with where I
borrow certain styling cues from Street Trackers & certain ones from a Bobber. I then put together what I call A TRACKABOB.
This one is also the first bike I built where I started applying names to my bikes. This one is The Bronze Bomber.




  1. kelly says:

    outstanding… I have recently been looking at all the 650 builds every kind..every flavor..this bike ..your vision is by far the best i have seen .easy to ride easy to build i would like to know more about the history..more pics maybe..this is a project that i have just started 50.00 bike great potential..i would be grateful for any info that you might be willing to part with ..thank you

  2. Evan says:

    I absolutely love that bronze color. That looks sharp! I have an 81 im chopping up right now. Im looking into the banshee stator swap to try to save some weight with all the electrical. Looks good though. Nice job.

  3. Staci Lamb says:‘s done it once again. Amazing article.