The Black Keys- thickfreakness (Live TV)

You guys seem to dig the Black Keys I posted a while back. I have been slowly working through all The Black Key albums over the past couple months. I think the Thickfreakness is more heavier and right now it’s my favorite out of all their tracks.

What are you guys listen to right now? Always on the lookout for new tunes.


  1. John in GR-MI says:

    you can feel the soul and guts oozing out of the amp when you hear The Black Keys play… awesome band is very much music for the chopper lifestyle. Thanks for sharing and everyone that like them I strongly encourage you to buy an album and try ’em out!

  2. Paul says:

    What does this have to do with xs650’s?

  3. Ted says:

    What doesn’t it have to do with the xs650 Paul?

    Don’t you dig music?

  4. Hans from Holland says:

    You’ve mentioned two of the best things in life Ted!
    At least for me. To answer your question, right now I was listening to Danko Jones. Saw him a few weeks ago life on stage here in Holland, it rocXS !!! Watch him on YouTube Ted, think you dig it.
    “Forget my name” is one of my favourites.

  5. Ted says:

    Ya Jennifer Garner is pretty hot in “Forget my name”. I kind of dig Danko Jones – Cadillac.. but I have really been getting into more Doom rock lately like Spirit Caravan and pentagram.. Really heavy stuff..

    Hans, anything out of the Netherlands that I wouldn’t have heard of yet?

  6. Hans from Holland says:

    Think you will like Peter Pan Speedrock. Heavy stuff…there is a funny clip of them on YouTube called Resurrection.
    Personally i’m more into bluesrock. Here in Holland we have Julian Sas, seen him often here at local clubs and motormeetings.
    He is kinda sort of reincarnation of Rory Gallagher, one of my guitarheros.

  7. black country man says:

    saw this band for the first time monday night in birmingham uk,very good live and they still release stuff on vinyl which is a much better sound than c d in my opinion,not heard a bad track from them so far.

  8. shawn says:

    i like it! never heard’em before i’ll have to check out more of their tunes…as for what i’m listening to for “new” bands not much. i always end up listening to clutch,slayer,lamb of god or the deftones…been jammin some mastodon in the mornings lately iron tusk & blood and thunder wakes me right up!

  9. black country man says:

    Han s if you like bluesrock have you checked out a band called the Hamsters,they play there own material and do some really good covers of hendrix and zz top

  10. Broman says:

    The Keys are my favorite band – been trying to learn how to play their stuff for a while.

    If you dig them you will probably dig Radio Moscow too.
    And while you are at it – get yourself some Ride the Blinds they rock as well.