Write about your XS650.: I built this bike for a guy up in Canada. He wanted (and needed) certain things on the bike. canadian rules dictate that the bike had to have blinkers so I modified a stock wiring harness to enable it to pass through the frame, and be out of the way.
This one started ot as a 1980 G model, and I did my frame modifications, had everything sand blasted & powder coated. It’s got a 1963 Harley tank & many stock items remained on this one like the side covers & the head light assembly.






  1. petertjes says:

    VERY VERY NICE BIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. R.C says:

    ok. so you cut a bit off the tail section. added an uncomfy solo seat… did some wiring work, couldnt fir the front fender properly, and left the originality off of it…. Digg the color but cant say I see anything custom abt it. I think the pacific north west has clouded your visions

  3. cooter says:

    That is just plain wrong in so many ways!! Wow, Im sorry!!!

  4. Eric says:

    That is nice! Left alot of originality but yet custom! Like it! Nicely done!

  5. Roger says:

    Hey thanks for all the comments guys. It’s always good to get feedback.
    I’ve been real busy with lots of new builds that I’ll be posting here shortly & I have a new web site as well.
    If anyone wants to check it go to: