PSW Customs Basic Bobber


Write about your XS650.: Hello, Here is one of our BASIC BOBBERS. Its a 79 XS650 built for T. Thompson.


It includes all of our basic pakeage with a few extras. Check out the full build pictures on our web site Make sure to check out the basic bobber pakeage page for list of items.




Thank You

Jay Schulze


  1. BLACK WIDOW says:

    I like that blacked out look the black wheels with the blackwall tires looks real good keep up the good work

  2. HDear says:

    Very nice!

  3. HoeyUno says:

    Looks nice and clean. Checked out the site, it would be awesome if you guys came up with that xs400 weld on hardtail. I’ll be back checking out your site time to time for sure.

  4. norm younger says:

    Very basic but very nice as well.