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77 refurbished



Write about your XS650.: This started as an already complete hardtailed bobber. This was the Reefkeeper bobber that i just couldnt keep my hands off of. The bike had a 4″stretch which i cut down to stock length. Continue Reading →

GRC Brass XS




This bike was originally built for a customer Jason Bell, but he shortly became a good friend.
He is very happy and so are we, cant wait to take it to the Smoke-out in a couple days. This bike is number 8 from our shop, it took roughly two months to build most of which was waiting to get it back from the powder coat shop, here in Jacksonville.
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Hear are several posts to check out.

Frankenstien XS650 pulled out of the local grave yard.
Hi, my name is Josh, I work at G&L Choppers and this is my personal XS650 chopper.
Yet another radical xs650 by the Ardcore chopper crew..
3 Times A Charm…. This xs 650 started out at a swap meet, on a trailer that I scored for $300!
Sky Perry sent in some updated pictures of his xs650 Dropseat Air-ride Chopper.
Proud owner of a beautiful Yamaha XS650!

    Nihil Sine Labore



    Write about your XS650.: My Dream Maschine… purchased in parts,

    Up to the last screw itself apart and assembled In operation since 2.5 years Continue Reading →

    Metalhead’s brat to be (the ol’ ladies bike)



    Write about your XS650.: I  picked this bike up, 100% stock, but in boxes, in return for doing a hardtail on a guy’s frame. coming along nicely, so far. I’ve seen alot of bratstyle bikes using new tubes for the seat rails, but halfway thru doing the frame, I got the idea to re-use the rear seat loop as the seat rails/fender mount. I haven’t gotten pics with the fender on yet, but for all ya’ll guy’s trying to build a similar bratstyle, this works GREAT. Even used the stock rear fender (trimmed) on the stock mounts. looks killer.

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    Write about your XS650.: Vacationing in Daytona Beach, FL last week I turned to my wife and said “hey lets check out some bikes while we are here”. I have been promising her a Bike every since she gave birth to our daughter. She wanted a Metric bike, and she wanted something low enough to the ground and light enough to through around a bit.. Well as luck would have it I stumbled upon this here XS 650…

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